Author Topic: Jackbox - Let's play again :) Sunday 11th June 2023 - 17:00 UTC (18:00 UK)  (Read 4771 times)

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It's been nearly 2 months since we've had a session now, it's been long enough we feel.

Everyone was very happy to see Jackbox return and the spinner wheels (pictured at bottom of post) myself and Kingshadow made seemed to add to the enjoyment of the session.
Also it was a lot of players' first glimpse at Jackbox Party Pack 9 which came out in Oct 2022.

So let's have another session on Sunday 11th June at 17:00 UTC (18:00 UK time).

We'll be hosting the game on the LF forum discord server using the voice chat rooms (Pillar room/Brick room), voice chat is not essential but recommended for some of the Jackbox games for best results.
The game is brought to you using the discord screenshare feature, we host the game and no downloads or applications are necessary on your end. You just need to go to to play the game.
Link to the LF forum discord server if you have not already joined

The sessions usually go on until a large amount of players have decided to leave the session, average session length has been around 5 hours, we can go on longer if there is significant demand to though.

Everyone is welcome, it's not just for people who have played before in these sessions! :thumbsup:

Myself and Kingshadow will be hosting this session and we'll alternate between hosting throughout the session to cut down on waiting time between games.
We also have access to all 9 of the Party Packs between us.

What is Jackbox? (click to show/hide)

So who's interested? :)

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The way that the session will be planned is that half of the Jackbox games are picked from a list we have already chosen from (About 1 per pack with a backup pick if that game is picked) in order to reduce the number of times we need to switch packs. People that attend will be able to decide the other half. I will use a wheel to pick out a player to choose a Jackbox game they want to play. People who attended but didn't pick a game in the previous session will have increased priority.

You're allowed to pick from the following games (Assuming that they have not been played in the session yet):

Quiplash* (Defaults to Quiplash 2 [Pack 3])
You Don't Know Jack (YDKJ: Full Stream [Pack 5])
Drawful* (Defaults to Drawful Animate [Pack 8])
Fibbage* (Defaults to Fibbage 4 [Pack 9])
Trivia Murder Party* (Defaults to TMP2 [Pack 6])
Bidiots [Pack 2]
Earwax [Pack 2]
Tee K.O. [Pack 3]
Guesspionage [Pack 3]
Monster Seeking Monster [Pack 4]
Survive the Internet [Pack 4]
Bracketeering [Pack 4]
Civic Doodle [Pack 4]
Split the Room [Pack 5]
Mad Verse City [Pack 5]
Patently Stupid [Pack 5]
Dictionarium [Pack 6]
Joke Boat [Pack 6]
Role Models [Pack 6]
Push the Button [Pack 6]
The Devils and the Details [Pack 7]
Champ'd Up [Pack 7]
Talking Points [Pack 7]
Blather 'Round [Pack 7]
Job Job [Pack 8]
The Poll Mine [Pack 8]
Wheel of Enormous Proportions [Pack 8]
Weapons Drawn [Pack 8]
Roomerang [Pack 9]
Nonsensory [Pack 9]
Junktopia [Pack 9]
Quixort [Pack 9]

*For the case of series games such as Quiplash, Fibbage and Trivia Murder Party. We'll play a specific version of it if you specifically ask for it. The exception being YDKJ as the one in Pack 1 only supports 4 players and no audience.

Forbidden games (These Jackbox games cannot be selected):
Word Spud [Pack 1]
Lie Swatter [Pack 1]
Bomb Corp [Pack 2]
Fakin' it [Pack 3]
Zeeple Dome [Pack 5]

To watch videos of previous Jackbox sessions, go to these playlists:
IchoTolot's Playlist (Contains videos of older sessions)
My Playlist (Contains large videos of newer sessions)

If you have anymore questions about the session. Please respond below. :)

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Just a reminder about this session in 3 days time :thumbsup:

In other Jackbox related news, much like how TKO2 was announced as the first Jackbox Party Pack 10 game a week before our last Jackbox session, by pure coincidence the 2nd Jackbox Party Party 10 game has been announced this week!

Quote from: Jackbox Games
Have you ever wished someone would reply to your text messages for you?
Have you sent a message, blinked and felt like throwing your phone against the wall?
Have you imagined the witty answers your friends would come up with if you combined your brains? You're in luck. In the new The Jackbox Party Pack 10 game , you will be able to act out that fantasy without having any negative responses!

Welcome to FixyText , the biggest finger fight since the thumb wars!

This game is, in short, chaos in the group chat. Players will have to collaborate to write a crazy response to an exaggerated message in a limited time. The player whose words have the most impact, generate the most laughter, receive the most votes… wins!

FixyText is for 3-8 players and will feature in Jackbox Party Pack 10 coming later this year :thumbsup:
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