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[FEAT] SuperLemmix Introduction Pack
« on: February 26, 2023, 05:55:27 PM »
SuperLemmix has built steam much quicker than I anticipated, and it's already at the stage where it will require its own version of the NeoLemmix Introduction Pack.

My honest thoughts with this are that I'd like to start from scratch and make a unique one for this engine. It's probably best to keep the idea of dividing the levels into ranks, each of which deals with a particular group of features, followed by a set of general "training" levels to consolidate the learning process.

Skills (there are currently 23, and there will eventually be at least 24)
Objects (fire, water (including lava & poison), traps, teleporters, etc)

This will be a very large undertaking, and so anyone who wants to contribute levels/ideas will be very welcome to do so.

As a general rule for the creation of the pack, I'd prefer a backdrop of "let the player explore, experiment and discover things for themselves" rather than "force the player to figure out the exact route/solution for the level". The levels should always feel more like the later levels of "Fun" rather than the eariier levels of "Crazy".

That's all I have in mind for now, I'll come back to this when I get more ideas.
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