Author Topic: [FEAT] Modify Existing Skills (Laserer, Freezer, Disarmer, Fencer, Swimmer)  (Read 1425 times)

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- The Laserer will be given (effectively) infinite range; this will need to be fully tested as it will likely affect the duration of the laserer state

- If the extended Laserer range proves to be effective and useful, the Fencer skill could potentially be removed. I've decided against removing skills from the engine. Doing so is just as difficult as adding stuff; I'd rather cap the available skills at 16, as per the (potential) new panel layout, but ultimately keep all of them available Editor-side.

What I might do is modify the less-popular skills so that they become more interesting versions of what they already are:

- The Stoner will be replaced with the Freezer, detailed in this topic.

- The Disarmer could be a single-use skill rather than a permanent; so, a Disarmer can disarm the first trap they come into contact with, but then none thereafter. Thoughts?

- I'm looking at changing water objects so that orig_fire is lava (so, unswimmable), and orig_marble (as well as a few others) will become poison water. The idea is that a Swimmer entering poison water will be changed into either a zombie or a neutral. This makes interesting use of existing features whilst also bringing a bit of added value to the Swimmer skill, puzzle-wise. Non-Swimmer lems will simply drown, as usual, so the objects would be Swimmer-specific. This is just an idea at the moment, I have no clue how to implement this, but it's worth keeping in mind as a potential idea.

- The Fencer remains mostly obsolete as a result of the much better Laserer skill; however, Fencers can be cancelled to create a steeper and more carefully defined staircase, so they're still pretty good on a microscopic level.

Where I'm up to with this:

:tal-gold: Laserer range is now increased to 3200px, which is effectively infinite since .nxlv levels have a size cap of 2400 x 2400; SuperLemmix will not run levels that are bigger than this, I've tried! (I also think the level size cap is ultimately a good thing, so I won't be changing this no matter how much my inner kid wants me to!)

It doesn't affect the time that a laserer spends lasering as much as I thought it might, since the laserer will stop when it either reaches steel, or the edge of the level.

:tal-gold: The Freezer skill is ready! It looks like this:

See this topic for details.
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