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IchoTolot's "To-Play" list
« on: August 03, 2021, 03:04:31 PM »
I've decided to put up a little list of packs I still have on my "to-play" list as I want to avoid totally forgetting about things. :)

Also, I want to list all packs that I have solved, but still are backrouted and either still need to be fixed by the creator (if the creator fixes packs in the first place) or I still need to resolve after a fix. Only after this process of fixing and resolving is finished for my playthrough then I will marked it as solved for me.
Packs where I have not yet received feedback if my solutions are acceptable are included too.

All lists are no no particular oder. ;)


"To-Play" List:

- [Neolemmix] Mikes Lemmings Version 2 - Turrican

- [Neolemmix] Unusual Lemmings - Duuddu

- [Neolemmix] Quest From Kieran - kieranmillar

- Festival Millas 2020 - GigaLem

- [NeoLemmix] Lemmings Open Air [Difficulty: Medium - Hard] - Strato Incendus

- [NeoLemmix] The Krow Files - Dire Krow

- [NL] The Lemmings Strike Again! (Mobilems 3) - Mobius

- [NeoLemmix] Zemmings Complete V3.2 - zanzindorf

- [NeoLemmix] Xmas Lemmings 2021 [Difficulty: Easy-Very Hard] - Armani

In the fix/resolve cycle:

- [NL 12.7.0+] Lemmings Destination [Difficulty: Medium-Very Hard] - Nessy

- [NL] Gronkling's Animal Pack: #1 RODENTS [difficulty: Easy & Hard] - Gronkling

- Assorted Gubbins - SQron188

- Festival Millas 2021 - GigaLem

- [NeoLemmix] Lemmings Uncharted [Difficulty: Medium-Extreme] - Armani

Ready to Record

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Re: IchoTolot's "To-Play" list
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2021, 04:07:56 PM »
I can confirm that Lemmings Open Air functions as intended with the newest NeoLemmix stable version, i.e. the one featuring the Slider and Laserer (no broken replays on my side, at least - I can never guarantee that for other people's solutions, because they may rely on behaviour that has changed in the meantime while the intended solution doesn't require said behaviour).
Two reruns still seem to have the same level ID as the original level, though.
My packs so far:
Lemmings World Tour (New & Old Formats), my music-themed flagship pack, 320 levels - Let's Played by Colorful Arty
Lemmings Open Air, my newest release and follow-up to World Tour, 120 levels
Paralems (Old Formats), a more flavour-driven one, 150 levels
Pit Lems (Old Formats), a more puzzly one, 100 levels - Let's Played by nin10doadict
Lemmicks, a pack for (very old) NeoLemmix 1.43 full of gimmicks, 170 levels

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Re: IchoTolot's "To-Play" list
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2021, 07:52:40 PM »
One pack down and ready to record: Lemming Surges.

Added the "Ready to Record" section for packs that have come out of the  the fix/resolve cycle for my solutions. :)

As I haven't heard from the other "fix/resolve cycle" packs yet I think I will soon pick the next one.