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Ok, Oskar's Lemmini PSP HD pack conversion to Superlemmini is finally complete! Download the pack in the attachment. As mentioned, it originally was intended for Lemmini. The pack is simply all 120 levels of the OL and the 36 special levels found on the PSP version, all with PSP graphics, as well as an additional Special2 rank consisting of 11 Genesis levels remade with PSP graphics. There are also two levels in the Special2 rank with the exact same title as Special 30 - The stairs are not floored, and I'm assuming they're test versions from Oskar. However, Special2 1 has the flashing lightning blue background (pretty cool!), while the second one has a purple star background.

If you want the Lemmini version of the pack, you can download it here: Simply extract the contents to your Lemmini directory, and everything will fall into place. Also, replace Tricky 10 with this file, which is attached to download below. For some reason, the pack has the wrong Tricky version of "The Fast Food Kitchen." I don't remember how I got a working copy of Tricky 10. The only thing I can think of is that I simply copied and pasted the ini file of Mayhem 15 and changed all skill counts to 20, save requirement to 94, and time limit to 8 minutes to match the PSP version.

Because the Lemmini version is Oskar's pack, I left the contents as they are instead of editing them just like I did for the Superlemmini conversion, as I want his Lemmini work to be preserved. Plus this also means that you can see some differences in how the levels play out. So yes, it does mean that I have the Lemmini version set up, with all the levels unedited (all of them are solvable anyway), meaning, the .ini files are kept as they are, with Spanish level titles, a lot of the extra unnecessary .ini files that are in the download, etc. I also have my Superlemmini conversion with a lot of the levels edited (massive changelog detailed below) so that they match the PSP version in the stats and everything else. Therefore, I will only be updating the Superlemmini version if there are other problems that I didn't catch before release.

Download the music for the Superlemmini conversion here:

The intended music for the Lemmini pack is the Amiga standard rotation. However, I provide two choices of music for the pack, the PSP tracks or the Canadian soundtrack (PC CD Dos version). Thus, the level pack contains two levelpack.ini's, one labeled PSP music, the other labeled Dos music. Simply rename the appropriate ini file for the music set you want to play in the pack to levelpack.ini. Later on, if you want to switch to the other music set, rename the current one something else and the other .ini file "levelpack.ini."

The reason for the Dos music is because I grew up with it and I prefer it over the Amiga soundtrack. Since these levels all use PSP graphics, I decided to use the PSP music for the pack. I remember its music being really good when I played the PSP version back when I was a junior in high school way back in 2006. It's been a very long time since I last heard them, so it brought back memories/nostalgia. Even more, I have been completely unaware that I have heard some PSP music that plays on some levels in some custom NL packs in the last few years, so more recent than I thought! From memory, I believe I heard it in one of Gigalem's packs, as well as SEB Lems. I simply didn't remember they came from the PSP version, as it's been so long ago since I last played the PSP version of Lemmings and hence last heard the PSP tracks.

During the whole ordeal, I was able to fire up the PSP version via an emulator to see what I could find out about the music. Yes, the music on each level is random, and a different one may play for the same level on different playthroughs of the game. However, it turns out that the music chosen is indeed by tileset. There are 3 different soundtracks for each of the 5 tilesets, and any of those 3 can be picked. For example, Fun 1, which is "Just dig!" either earth1, earth2, or earth3 (due to being a dirt level) will play. Which track that plays is completely random. Similarly, Fun 2, which is "Only floaters can survive this," either egypt1, egypt2, or egypt3 (the pillar tileset is called egypt in the PSP version) will play, and again which one is completely random. In addition to the music chosen by tileset, there is also a chance that one of the 3 oldtune tracks will play as well. These 3 oldtune tracks are not tied to a particular tileset. So really, every level has 6 possible tracks that could be picked to play.

As an example, I had oldtune1, which is the Can-can of the PSP, play on a fire, egypt, and marble (called roman in the PSP version) level.

So, the music chosen for every level is by tileset, with for example Fun 2 playing egypt1, and Fun 3 playing egypt2. For the 3 oldtune tracks, I gave Fun 1 oldtune1 and simply had every other third level of the pack play the oldtune tracks in sequential order. So, this means Fun 4 gets oldtune2, Fun 7 gets oldtune3, and then resets with Fun 10 getting oldtune1, and so on. I thought this was a good way to have all 3 oldtune tracks play an equal number of times throughout the entire pack, especially since I really like the PSP version of the Can-can, "She'll be coming round the mountain," and Pachelbel's canon.

While doing this, I was quite surprised to see how very little crystal levels in the OL there are. Hence, these tracks are the least heard in the entire pack. There are only 2 Fun, 2 Tricky, 3 Taxing, and 2 Mayhem levels that are crystal levels, respectively. In contrast, there are way more crystal levels in the two special ranks.   

As for the conversion to Superlemmini itself, it took a really long time to finish, as a lot of levels needed editing. Many levels needed the exit to be adjusted so that the lemmings can exit. Same goes with traps on some levels, as sometimes lemmings could walk through them without getting killed due to being placed at least a pixel too high. Yet there were also some levels that were impossible, mostly because a climber wasn't able to successfully climb a wall even though they're able to on the Lemmini version, due to tiny slits in the wall.

However, it's important to note that when opening the levels in the 1.43nc editor, they're all saved as an image. Therefore, it's impossible to select any terrain pieces, as when you attempt to it will select the entire level instead, as indicated by a huge yellow rectangle around the borders. In lieu of that, only objects can be selected and moved. Indeed, if you open the "level list window," you'll see only objects listed and the only terrain listed as the entire image of the level.

It was particularly frustrating to fix unusable exits due to them being placed too high, whereas they're all fine on Lemmini. I even nearly gave up on the Superlemmini conversion due to so many problems along the way, in particular not being able to get other pieces into the editor so as to edit some levels that were impossible to make them solvable, mostly due to climbers not being able to climb walls when they didn't have any problems on Lemmini despite small slits in the walls. Turns out that I didn't have the entire style set for some reason, so once I got the full set then I was able to get them to load fine in the editor. Now there were plenty of much smaller pieces to use as eraser or to fill in tiny slits in the walls to make them climber friendly instead of one very huge column terrain piece that would had resulted in very messy level appearances. So, I persevered and finally saw this entire conversion project through despite all the frustrations and problems along the way.

The changelog is huge, so let's see if I can remember them.

-  Changed all level titles to the English version, as well as better organize the contents of the level pack by numbering the .ini's and removing all the extra unnecessary files

-  Removed the Present rank, as I see no point in it due to the levels simply being the way they're found on the Genesis port, ie, none of them use the PSP graphics. If you want to play the Present levels, either download the Lemmini version (link above by oskar12345) of the PSP level pack or play the Genesis Megadrive pack, which I believe now comes with Superlemmini.

-  In many levels, the Lemmings wouldn't exit due to the exit being placed too high. That's because the checks for Lemmings interacting with objects in Lemmini are different from Superlemmini. In the former, it checks at the middle of the Lemming, while in the latter it checks at the foot of the Lemming, which, while seemingly odd, is how the games work on the other ports. Hence, I lowered all the problematic exits by two pixels so that they can exit. Even more, in-game I guess I could had been able to tell ahead of time due to the exit being a pixel above the ground, but it's sometimes hard to notice or they might be on the ground but don't work. This was very time consuming, as I had to play through the levels to see which exits did or didn't work.

-  Traps would sometimes crash Superlemmini, so I added a ,1 in the oskar.ini for the style to the sound for some of the traps so that it doesn't crash the game.

- With few exceptions, changed the stats on many levels to match the PSP's version. In particular, I went through the PSP levels on Youtube and made sure the time limits and skillset stats matched. For example, for the first several Fun levels, they gave the standard 5 minutes, and after some debating with myself, I ultimately decided to match the time the PSP gives and hence I increased the timers to 7 minutes, even though all levels are possible under the time limits given on the Lemmini version. These are PSP levels, after all, and it seems that oskar matched the PSP stats for nearly all levels in the pack, so I wonder why the same wasn't done with the first several Fun levels with the timers.

Fun rank

-  Fun 9 - As long as you try your best Moved the right-most shredder trap that's on the isolated platform past the exit to right by the exit, as that's where the PSP version has it. Note that these aren't the same ones as the shredder trap on the PSP, where it has a much smaller hitbox. Also, lowered the traps so that they would properly kill the Lemmings. Before, they were able to walk by them without getting killed due to being placed too high. The trigger areas are apparently very funky here for this pack, though they do work properly on Lemmini as it is far harder to avoid getting killed by traps on that engine. Finally, removed the rotating red triangle exit top above the Brick exit, as I find this odd and unnecessary.

-  Fun 11 - Keep your hair on Mr. Lemming Set OWAs to "only on terrain" so that they properly disappear when destroying the wall with destructive skills.

-  Fun 12 - Patience Removed the rope snare trap that's located just behind the entrance. I find it really odd it's there in the Lemmini version even though it's not present in the PSP version.

-  Fun 13 - We all fall down Changed number of lemmings from 20 to 10, save requirement to 10, and increased time limit from 3 minutes to 4 to match the PSP version. Yes, the 20 diggers is correct, since that's how many the PSP version gives, so I kept it at that. Quite odd there's more diggers than the amount of lemmings in the level, though.

-  Fun 17 - Easy when you know how Lowered the hidden masher traps so that they worked and to hide the trap triggers. The triggers might be visible on the PSP version, but it's hard for me to tell in the Youtube video. The traps here on SL don't work when the triggers are visible, anyway.

-  Fun 18 - Let's block and blow Removed the fire objects near the entrance and some at the bottom, as they're not present in the PSP version. Also removed the floating exit and fire in midair right where the exit is (really odd and something I didn't remember happening either in the Lemmini version)

-  Fun 21 - You live and lem Lowered bear trap so that it works and kills the Lemmings   

-  Fun 24 - Konbanwa Lemming San Added the masher trap, as I found it odd that the Lemmini version doesn't have it. Also, it's present on the PSP version, and hence I matched it.


-  Tricky 12 - Bitter lemming Moved the entrance up so that lemmings will splat without a floater. Before, it was a non-splat hatch. I honestly didn't remember this in the Lemmini version.

-  Tricky 19 - Postcard from Lemmingland First level of the pack to be impossible on Superlemmini. Before, I changed the skillset by giving an extra miner, but I found out way later that I didn't have the full style set. Once I added in the other pieces to the editor, then I was able to use eraser pieces to remove the overhang on both walls that prevented the climbers from getting over them. Climbers can climb them just fine on the Lemmini version, although only for the second wall (he's still stopped by the first wall). Also removed the odd water object in midair that's way past the right boundary of the level

-  Tricky 23 - From the boundary line Shifted the level over to the right so that lemmings who turn around while the wall is still being bashed through will fall off the bottom of the level and die. Before, the level was right by the left edge of the screen, and sides are solid in Superlemmini. Therefore, it was possible to save everyone. This has been fixed so that you do lose lemmings.

-  Tricky 24 - Tightrope City Same as Tricky 23. Shifted the level just slightly over to the right so that lemmings will fall to the bottomless pit when going to the left, since before the level was right on the left boundary of the screen 

-  Tricky 26 - I have a cunning plan Adjusted the traps so that they properly kill the lemmings due to being too high and therefore they could walk through them without getting killed. Interestingly, the right-most trap is correctly placed right by the exit, not like the Fun version.

-  Tricky 29 - Rainbow Island Moved traps down so that lemmings will die when walking into them.


-  Taxing 2 - Watch out, there's traps about Made both bear traps visible

-  Taxing 5 - The Prison! Manually added steel areas so that the blocks at the bottom are indestructible.

-  Taxing 6 - Compression Method 1 Same as Fun 17's changes

-  Taxing 13 - Upsidedown World Added bear trap that's missing in the Lemmini version for some reason. Also, interesting a climber can climb the wall after the first OWW just fine, but on Lemmini he cannot climb it. Level's still solvable even if it's not scalable.

-  Taxing 18 - Tribute to M.C.Escher Set entrance to "no overwrite" so that builder staircases are visible

-  Taxing 28 - POOR WEE CREATURES! Filled in tiny hole on the wall on the right in the starting area so that a climber can successfully climb it, making solutions that involve climbing this post possible instead of just having only the building up in the starting area solution. On Lemmini, a climber can climb successfully. Also, used an eraser piece on the crystal so that the climber can go out to the left instead of turning around due to hitting the ceiling, which is solid on SuperLemmini, and shifted the level over to the right so that he can fall to the bottomless pit. Finally, added a bear trap near the exit, where a ghostbuster trap is present on the PSP version. No trap is there on Lemmini, oddly enough. Perhaps Oskar couldn't rip the ghostbuster trap graphics as well.


-  Mayhem 3 - It's hero time! One of the few levels where I used a mix of matching and non-matching stats to the PSP version. Kept the RR of the PSP version, but instead of the 2 minutes available on PSP due to the much slower speed of the Lemmings, I reduced it to 1 minute for SuperLemmini, just like in all the other versions. The level's just too iconic with a 1 minute timer in addition to being a really great and challenging level! Finally, unlike the Fun version, the smasher trap is present here, so I didn't need to add it in. In contrast, I kept the 2 minute time limit for Mayhem 4 instead of reducing it to 1 minute like on other versions. The PSP version has 50 lemmings, and with how the Lemmings are faster on SuperLemmini, you will not run out of time, unless you allow some to turn back to the left.

-  Mayhem 9 - Last one out is a rotten egg! Made the wall climbable by filling in the tiny slits despite how the level's still very much possible even when it wasn't climber friendly completely. On Lemmini, a climber can climb successfully with no problems. Removed water object way past the exit that's apparently there on the Lemmini version.

-  Mayhem 12 - The far side Made the pit climber friendly, as it wasn't possible to send a climber out to the left in the starting pit. Again, on Lemmini can climb with no problems.

-  Mayhem 16 - Just a minute.. Adjusted traps so that they kill the Lemmings. Just like Mayhem 3, I reduced the 2 minute timer to just 1 minute so that it fits the level title. Lemmings on SuperLemmini are faster than they are on the PSP, and got to make the level difficult like it should be!

-  Mayhem 21 - With a twist of lemming please Made the entrance a splat hatch, as well as shifted the level over to the right so that climbers who go out to the left of the starting area will fall to the bottomless pit.

-  Mayhem 22 - A BeastII of a level Manually added steel areas so that you can't shortcut your way on the bottom in the starting area.

-  Mayhem 23 - Going up...... Added a 10 tons trap where the electric orb trap would be. Guess Oskar was not able to rip the trap from the PSP graphics, and the 10 tons trap is the closest I can get to it, anyway. As for hitting the ceiling near the starting area, I didn't do anything with it even though the Lemmings on PSP will walk through to the ceiling and hence you can't assign any further skills if that happens. They still survive, they're just be outside the level. It's the same with the left and right edges.

-  Mayhem 26 - The Steel Mines of Kessel Same as Fun 21's change

-  Mayhem 27 - Just a minute (Part Two) Same as Mayhem 16's changes. However, the one change I can't do without messing up the looks of the level is getting rid of the terrain underneath the thin platform so that lemmings will fall to the bottomless pit when digging. So, rather than try, I left that area as is.

-  Mayhem 28 - Mind the step Added in the smasher trap that's absent on the Lemmini version.


-  Special 3 - Dig Down, Bash Across Took out the miners and gave 5 bashers, just like it should be in the PSP version

-  Special 4 - Block first, Explode second Adjusted traps so that they will kill the Lemmings.

-  Special 18 - The run around Another level of the pack that was impossible, so made it solvable by making the first wall climber friendly by filling in the tiny slit, where a climber can climb with no problems on Lemmini

-  Special 19 - Three steps to heaven Added in bear traps to take the place of the ghostbuster traps. They're the closest I can get to the ghostbuster traps.

-  Special 20 - Seeing double! Lowered trap so that it kills the Lemmings instead of passing through it unharmed

-  Special 23 - The Flood Another level that was impossible due to being a splat hatch. Lowered it so that lemmings don't splat. Weirdly, the lemmings on Lemmini survive, whereas on SuperLemmini they splat. Does that mean the fall distance on Lemmini is only a teeny weeny bit higher?

-  Special 24 - ...with a little help from my Lem Adjusted trap so that it kills the Lemmings

-  Special 25 - Not as easy as it looks Took away the miners and gave 3 diggers, just like the PSP version

- Special 29 - A Bridge Over Lemmings Slaughter Adjusted trap so that it will kill the Lemmings

-  Special 33 - Cagey Business Added a tiny platform right by the trap so that lemmings can fall on the left side without getting killed

-  Special 34 - Born a blocker, die a blocker Yet another level that was impossible. Adjusted the traps so that they kill the Lemmings, as well as added in a shredder trap that's missing on the Lemmini version. For this one, it is right in the middle to fit the gap instead of at the very top like it is on the PSP version, as the trap's hitbox width is much bigger and it's not the PSP's shredder trap, anyway. Still the same puzzle. Fixed unclimbable walls, one near the start, and the really tall one in order to make the level possible, as well as removed the overhang to make the final wall at the top of the level on the right side climbable.


-  Even though these are remakes by Luis of Genesis levels with PSP graphics, edited the level titles so that they match the Genesis's titles, as well as Gronkling's level to match the level title in his Gronklems5 pack.

-  Special2 1 - The stairs are not floored (A) Set exit, entrance, and trap to "no overwrite" so that they're visible. They show up properly on Lemmini. Also, edited the .ini file of the Oskar style so that Superlemmini doesn't crash when the trap goes off

-  Special2 2 - The stairs are not floored (B) Same as Special2 1

-  Special2 3 - Catch more floaters Moved the entrance to about the location where it's found on the Genesis version so that it's now a splat hatch. Also, made the wall near the exit climber friendly by filling in tiny slit.

-  Special2 4 - Lemmings in the attic Adjusted traps so that they properly kill Lemmings instead of being harmless due to being placed at least a pixel too high

-  Special2 8 - Dark dawn Changed # of lemmings to 100. Not sure why oskar gave 99 on the Lemmini version

-  Special 13 - Room with no exit Manually added steel areas on both sides in the chamber on the right so that you cannot bash through them

Well, that hopefully covers it all. I'm sure I missed plenty, but most of the other changes were changing the stats of the skill counts and time limits to match the PSP version of the levels. Enjoy! I have started uploading my solutions to the Superlemmini conversion of the pack on my Youtube. Unless otherwise noted, Special2 rank is the only one with an author field, where I credited them as Genesis/luis (the port where you can find the levels and the person who remade them with PSP graphics, respectively). The only exception is "Restoration in Process," which I listed as Gronkling/lems5/luis as that is a level by Gronkling found in his Gronklems5 pack remade by Luis with PSP graphics.

Special thanks to

-  Sony for the PSP port of the game

-  oskar12345 for the Lemmini version of the pack and the tileset/ripped PSP graphics.

-  ericderkovits for the PSP tracks which I downloaded and used particularly for this pack since these are levels with the PSP graphics.

-  luis for the remakes of some Genesis/custom levels with PSP graphics for the Special2 rank
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Re: Oskar's Lemmini PSP HD Pack Converted to Superlemmini (Completed)
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2021, 02:35:17 AM »
Oh Wow, Awesome job. I didn't even know this pack was availiable(even though it was meant for regular Lemmini). Awesome graphics.

I just noticed one thing though. There is alot of dead space in the levels. Watched a few of your replays on Youtube. The levels are not centered correctly in the preview screen. It's because the levels are at 3200 pixels wide. I would get rid of the empty space on each side of the levels, so there not all at 3200 pixels. That way the levels will be centered.

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Re: Oskar's Lemmini PSP HD Pack Converted to Superlemmini (Completed)
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2021, 04:15:15 AM »
Ah, yea, that's a good point. For some odd reason I never noticed the levels not being centered while I was recording my solutions. Lemmini I noticed it, I guess it didn't bother me too much here or I completely forgot about it. This is something that I haven't figured out how to do yet. If it's easy to fix, I can certainly change it. The question is how does one do it in the editor? This would be something good for me to learn how to do. Plus, gives me more good practice with the editor - My YouTube channel and you can also find my playlists of Lemmings level packs that I have LPed
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Re: Oskar's Lemmini PSP HD Pack Converted to Superlemmini (Completed)
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2021, 04:50:48 AM »
To center the levels what I do is:

1) in the editor under the "edit" dropdown bar, pick shift level and in the horizontal space put a negative number to move left and a positive number to move right.
    So to move the left side of the level to the far left, I just keep putting in a negative number until the left side of the level is close to the left side of the window in the editor.

2) then I just decrease the size of the level from 3200 to a number that is smaller until the right side of the level meets the right side in the editor's window.
    Just hit the View dropdown bar and under level properties and in the size window reduce it from 3200 to a smaller number.

3) Then resave the level. (then the level will be centered in SL's Preview screen.)

  Very easy. You will get used to it after a few tries. Just it will take awhile to center all the levels.

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Re: Oskar's Lemmini PSP HD Pack Converted to Superlemmini (Completed)
« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2021, 05:23:06 AM »
Ok, yes, thank you, this helped a lot! :thumbsup: In that case, I was already somewhat on the right track when I was playing with the window size in the level properties window and changing the 3200 for the right side. It was the left side that I couldn't figure out. I was definitely aware of the "shift level," I just wasn't aware that you can get rid of the excess left side with it.

Definitely wished it was automatic, like selecting neolemmix/lemmix as the source and then mass converting to Superlemmini, as it gets rid of all the extra space for you. When doing it with Lemmini levels, no such luck there, since one cannot change the level size at all and hence you're stuck at 3200 and any extra dead space in case you don't fill it up with decoration and whatnot.

Ok, now that I know how to do this expect an update out within a day or so once I go through all of them to recenter the preview image. A level I realized needs fixing anyway, since it somehow escaped me.

Thanks again! - My YouTube channel and you can also find my playlists of Lemmings level packs that I have LPed
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Ok, V2 of the pack is released. Find the updated pack in the OP. The main change was adjusting the level sizes of all levels so that the preview image would be centered in-game, as they were pretty much all left-aligned and therefore looked "off." This means I removed all or almost all of the extra space on the sides. They should all hopefully look better now! ;) Thanks again to eric for bringing this to my attention!

For the most part, if there was a chance of being able to interact with the left and right borders of the level, I still left in some empty sides so that any attempt to do so will result in the lemmings dying, as sides are solid in Superlemmini and hence they simply turn around if they touch the border. I for one hate having levels depend on the level borders and therefore I removed any dependencies on that if there was any possibility of interacting with them. Otherwise, if there is absolutely no possibility of being able to do so, I just removed all of the extra side space. Finally, if I did leave the extra side space in, I tried to make the level symmetrical in that regard.

While doing this, there were some things I picked up that helped me to do this really quick. If you put your mouse cursor on the left edge of the left-most piece, note the first number in the second box at the bottom of the screen. This will tell you the number to put in the horizontal box in the "shift level" window. Generally, I subtracted around 8-10 from the positive number, as sometimes the terrain piece would go past the editor window if you enter the number as shown. This pretty much only happens for shifting the level to the left. Remember to enter a negative number in order to shift the level to the left! Entering a positive number will shift it to the right instead.

Similarly, for the right border, mouse your cursor on the right border of the right-most piece of the level. Note the first number in the third box at the bottom of the screen. This is the number you enter in the first "size" box in the "level properties" window if you want to get rid of all the extra side space. This always works. With these tips, it takes a lot of the guess work away! This explains why I was able to get this done fairly quickly once I realized what needs to happen.

Changelog V2

-  Tricky 4 - Here's one I prepared earlier Added water past the exit to fill up the entire bottom

-  Tricky 5 - Careless clicking costs lives Added water to fill up the entire bottom

-  Tricky 7 - Been there, seen it, done it Added water to fill up the entire bottom

-  Tricky 9 - They just keep on coming Added water to fill up the entire bottom

-  Tricky 13 - Lemming Drops Added water to fill up the entire bottom

-  Taxing 7 - Every Lemming for Himself! Same as Tricky 4's change

-  Taxing 8 - The Art Gallery Same as Tricky 5's change

-  Taxing 11 - The ascending pillar scenario Same as Tricky 7's change

-  Mayhem 6 - One way or another Removed the water, as interestingly enough the water isn't present on this level in the PSP version as well even though it's there on the Tricky version

-  Mayhem 25 - Have a nice day! Added water to a couple of sections at the bottom wherever it was present on the PSP version. The Tricky version has the water all through the entire bottom section, interestingly enough.

-  Special 21 - Seeing double! Manually added more steel areas to the steel blocks around the exit, as I only did it for the top part where the destructible pillar is above the exit - My YouTube channel and you can also find my playlists of Lemmings level packs that I have LPed
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Minor update: Fixed the music track for Mayhem 6, as I put the wrong tune for it. I incorrectly put a roman/marble track instead of an earth/dirt track. The music for the all the other levels should be correct.

Updated the attachment in the OP - My YouTube channel and you can also find my playlists of Lemmings level packs that I have LPed
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