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Any interest here in playing a multiplayer mini golf game?

There's a good steam game which is about 15$ (same price as UCH).

There may be free or cheaper games out there if anyone is willing to look. I've looked a bit but haven't found anything yet. There was something called "Playforia minigolf" but that sadly shut down in 2019..

Github has something relating to this, but only somebody who actually understands github could make heads or tails of it;

There is also Golf It! which is a little bit cheaper:
I don't have that one, not sure my laptop can handle the graphics but I would hope so.

The github for Playforia has a releases page where you can download the binaries:
I guess someone with a stable internet connection (so probably not me) would have to run the server, and everyone else would connect to it. We can do some testing at some point if you want.

good to know there are a few decent options. I'm down for any of them. Interesting that that other steam game has a built in editor as well.

My internet connection is decent enough (I think?) at least I rarely have problems playing other games with the group so I'm willing to try playforia that way. But I don't know how to build an exe from binaries.

Doesn't sound too fun to me, to be honest. The best thing about mini golf to me is the feel of the impact between the putter and the ball, which you won't get when playing a video game. :P


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