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Angry Lemmings (in Developement)
« on: September 30, 2020, 12:55:48 AM »
OK, Now I've decided to continue with my Angry Lemmings Pack, as I've been putting it off due to other things Lemmings wise. I've just finished the last 2 levels of Taxing. So now will start the Mayhem rank.

The Taxing Rank and Mayhem rank will be added on to my Pack that I already have. Also It took a little longer doing the Taxing Rank as I wanted it to be a little more difficult then my Fun and Tricky ranks.

So now onto the Mayhem rank, It many take even longer because I'm going to make them a little harder and take my time on these ones. Also for the Mayhem rank, I'll probably add more time limit levels to ensure the levels are a little harder.

Also the hardest thing about making levels is trying to get backroutes out as much as possible, so first I get my intended solution done, then I try to replay it with other possible solutions to see if any I dont want and refix them.

I know I'm not the greatest level designer either. Also my levels may not be gorgeous, but I'm trying to make them decent. Also I'm more interested in the puzzle part of it, so I'm trying to get it fun to solve.