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Want to discuss Jackbox, I have made a new thread for this here

Welcome to the Lemmings Forums Jackbox Thread

Next Session: See second post below

Note: you do not need to own the games to be able to play, this game is streamed from my computer for your pleasure

What is Jackbox and How Does It Work?

Jackbox is the series of Jackbox Party Packs which have been sequentially released for the last few years. The way these games are played in a local setting also works very well online across the world because all people need to get involved is a smart device and a way to see the main game screen.
The Jackbox series contains games which vary from quite intellectual and knowledgeable games to downright silly and absurd content, we usually try to find a nice mix between these 2 points whenever we play.
The game is played using computers/phones so you don't need game controllers to play, you just need the game room code from the main screen (shared by myself using screen share on Discord) to be able to join the game. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, we can all play together as long as you have the game room code.

How Do I Get Involved?

- You'll need to be a member of the Lemmings Discord server if you are not already, the reason for this is because the host of the session (me) will need to screen share via group chat the main screen of the Jackbox game which will be played using the Steam version of the game directly off my laptop.
Join the discord server here:
NOTE: Please download the desktop app for Discord, the web version may not function correctly for this session.
- Join the Pillar Room chat room on the Lemmings Forum discord server at the time of the session start
- Have a browser window open on your computer or device and go to, this is where you will input answers/drawings to the session.
- (optional extra) A smart device, if you don't want to play the game in a browser window on your computer, can be an option if you'd rather have the screen share of the main Jackbox screen on full screen on your computer and you can enter the answer/drawing on your smart device.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Anything else I should know?

Jackbox can have adult themes, if you are playing in a place where it can be embarrassing if there is awkward content on the screen (ie. NOT SAFE FOR WORK), it's advisable that you don't participate. This has been discussed at length and if you show up to play, you should expect adult content and there is little that can be done to prevent that.

What Games are there to play?


- Do not say what you are drawing, the idea of the game is other people have to guess what you drew.
- Drawing hint: there are 2 colours you can use to help detail your picture better, also watch out for the timer.
- If it is your picture being played, other players will have to guess what it is and their answers will be mixed in with the original word prompt you had. Don't let the other players trick people into picking their wrong answers over your prompt!
- If it is NOT your picture being played, try to trick the other players into picking your answer by saying what you see in the picture!

Jackbox Party Pack 3

GUESSPIONAGE RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- Players take it in turn guessing a statistic which is always an answer that can be between 0% and 100%. The remaining players then guess whether the actual answer is HIGHER or LOWER than the % given by the player who answered.
- You get more points for being closest to the actual answer, whether you were answering the question or guessing HIGHER or LOWER.
- AUDIENCE: If there are 5 or more in audience, you make up the statistics for the questions.

TKO RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- There will be 2 rounds of drawing and 1 of writing slogans before the actual game begins.
- You will then receive 3 random drawings and 4 random slogans, the idea is to make the funniest T-Shirt with a picture and slogan combination, then you go head to head with the other T-Shirts to see who has the funniest.
- 2 T-Shirts from each of the first 2 rounds proceed to the Final Round and a winner is declared :) GOOD LUCK
- There can be 3 winners in TKO, the owner of the winning T-Shirt, the artist of the winning T-Shirt's picture and the author of the winning T-Shirt's slogan!

Jackbox Party Pack 4

FIBBAGE RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- Everyone gets given the same question and you have to come up with your own convincing LIE to fool the other players because you'll get points if anyone picks your LIE instead of the TRUTH (the correct answer to the question).
- All the LIES will be then mixed in with the TRUTH, pick the TRUTH yourself while convincing other players to vote for your LIE.

SURVIVE THE INTERNET RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- In each round the format is similar, you answer a seemingly innocent question in any way you like. Your answer then gets handed to someone else in the player pool who then has to make your answer look in the funniest light possible (your choice).
- For example, you would have to come up with an article title where the answer you were given would look really bad for the player who wrote it.
- In any case, your task is to make things look awful or funny such that people vote for your twisted response. Your twisted reponse would then be mixed in with everyone else's and the best one is voted for.
- This format repeats for a few rounds with theme changes.

MONSTER SEEKING MONSTER RULES (max 7 players + audience)

- This game is a dating simulator with a twist, everyone has a secret monster identity.
- The game will tell you what kind of monster you are when the game begins, keep this secret until the game reveals your monster identity.
- The game takes place over multiple days where each player tries to get dates with other players each night.
- You send messages to other players, if 2 players send messages to each other, they usually successfully date that night. Otherwise it's rejection.
- Anyone who dates that night will score hearts for that day, however the secret monster identity of each player will affect the scoring.
- Each day the highest scoring player will have their monster identity revealed as well as how it affects the scoring. If the highest scoring player is already revealed then it goes to the highest scoring non-revealed player instead.
- Whoever has the most hearts at the end of the game wins, use the knowledge of revealed monster identities to your advantage when deciding who to score a date with each night.

Jackbox Party Pack 5

SPLIT THE ROOM RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- Each player gets given a DIFFERENT 'fill the blank' statement but the idea is to answer in a way such that the other players will vote in different ways to the question hence the term SPLIT THE ROOM.
- The first round usually has YES or NO as an answer to the statement (but the second round has a different set of answers).
- You need to try and make it such that everyone does not all vote for YES or does not all vote for NO (if that makes sense).

MAD VERSE CITY RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- This is basically one big rap battle. You go one on one with another chosen player in each round.
- You get given 2 sentences, each of which is missing a word and you have to fill it in.
- The important thing to remember is you have to make it funny/memorable and MOST IMPORTANTLY the 2 words have to rhyme with one another.

PATENTLY STUPID RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- This tests your imagination to solve silly problems.
- Each player gets given a problem to solve where they have to invent something. They have to draw it, give it a name and explain how the invention solves the problem.
- You can either present the invention yourself or ask the game to present it for you, you get to pick in what order the drawing, name and explnation gets revealed regardless.
- After all presentations are done, players get given money to give to what they think the best inventions are.
- If inventions reach a funding target then they are successful and the players who funded them get a bonus added to their funds.
- The winner is the player who gets the most money when the totals of received funds and returns on other supported inventions are calculated.

Jackbox Party Pack 6

TRIVIA MURDER PARTY RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- This is general knowledge with a twist, anyone who gets a question wrong will end up on the KILLING FLOOR, a minigame to determine whether you live on or die.
- Win the minigame and you survive, however lose and your character is dead. Whether you are alive or dead, you can continue to answer the questions for the remainder of the game.
- Play continues until 1 player is left alive then the final round begins, the alive player gets a headstart on this round and the dead players must chase it, all players move by answering questions correctly.
- The chasing dead players get more questions to answer so more opportunities to move and catch the leading alive player. First player to escape the final round room wins the entire game.
- If the alive player is caught by a dead player, they swap ie. the dead player is resurrected and takes the lead, the alive player is then dead.
- However it is possible that no one wins this game if everyone dies, the audience can also win the game. Anyone has a chance at winning this game, dying early can be a valid strategy to win the game overall.

ROLE MODELS (max 6 players + audience)

- Only a 6 player game but other players can join the audience.
- This game is about how well you know the other players in the game.
- Players are given a scenario and you are tasked with deciding who gets what role in the given scenario, there are enough answers such that you can assign a player to each role, you cannot assign 2 players to one role/answer.
- Now the game tots up who fits each scenario best, based on how other people also answered. Where there is a tie, another question/test will be performed with the tying players.
- Scoring in this game is down to whoever gets the most sugar cubes.

DICTIONARIUM RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- Round 1: You will get given a made up word and you need to come up with a definition for the word.
- Round 2: You now need to come up with a synonym for the made up word you had in round 1 (ie. a word that has the same meaning as the definition you gave).
- Round 3: You will now need to use your made up synonym in a sentence!


- This is an Among Us and Clue (Cluedo) mash up. This game begins with players being assigned a role for the game, you are either a HUMAN or an ALIEN. You MUST NOT say what role you are until the game has ended, the key to this game is to determine who the Aliens are and launch them into space before the timer expires. No one knows anything about who is a HUMAN or ALIEN at the start of the game.
- The idea is the game is team based, the HUMANs are a team and the ALIENs are a team but you do not know who is on your team and you are not allowed to say what your role is.
- A captain is assigned each turn (who may be a HUMAN or an ALIEN) who will choose the round format and who will participate in the round (these are usually people you want to find out the identity of). The twist is the Aliens will receive different prompts to the Humans which may or may not result in similar answers to the prompt. Use this information in your deduction of who you think the Aliens might be.
- If you think at any time you know who ALL the Aliens are then PUSH THE BUTTON to stop the game timer and make your choices. If you are correct then the HUMANS win the game outright, however you can only PUSH THE BUTTON once per player so make your decisions wisely.
- The ALIEN players can use hacks to make any chosen HUMANs get the ALIEN prompts instead so be careful, hacks are limited so be careful. ALIENs can also PUSH THE BUTTON.
- The ALIENs win if the game timer expires and they haven't been ejected from the spaceship.
- The hacks are not infinite despite what some people thought, you have to select who you are hacking BEFORE the captain makes their choices about who is playing the current round.
- The UI will display
HACK = this person is available to be hacked, but has not been hacked yet.
HACKING = this means the hack is in process
HACKED = the person has been hacked, the hack was successful.

Jackbox Party Pack 7

QUIPLASH RULES (max 8 players + audience)

- You will be given 2 questions or 'fill the blank' per round to answer, the idea in this game is to come up with a funny answer to the questions.
- Someone else in the player pool will be given the same question as you and you will go head to head with their answer. It's all down to whoever has the best and funniest answer!
- If you outright receive all votes in a round of voting then you earn a Quiplash for bonus points!
- In the final round, everyone gets the same question so there is more competition and way more points up for grabs :). GOOD LUCK

THE DEVILS AND THE DETAILS (max 8 players + audience)

- You are a household family of devils, you are given a role in the household on starting (ie. parent, offspring....).
- This game is entirely a co-op experience, you are all working together to achieve the task in this game.
- You have to complete tasks on your device to contribute to the progress of the day, some require you to communicate with other players to accomplish the task.
- However, many other players may also be trying to communicate at the same time on DIFFERENT tasks.
- There are tasks which are classed as SELFISH and do not contribute much to the progress of the day but will reward more points. Completing too many of these tasks will fill up the SELFISH meter and cause havoc for the entire household. Other players can stop you from completing these SELFISH tasks.
- If you earn enough points as a team for the day, the day is passed and you proceed onto the next one.
- Although this is a co-op game, the player with the most points at the end does technically win the game. You have to work together to get points but at the same time, try to be the busiest player and get the most points.

BLATHER ROUND (max 6 players + audience)

- This game plays like charades in a way.
- You have to describe a chosen prompt.
- However, you get given a limited vocabulary.
- During the round, you can add to the prompt to try and help people guess the prompt. Also with limited vocabulary.
- If someone says something similar to what the answer is, you can highlight that answer in your prompt (the player who made the guess will be awarded a small amount of points)
- 2 rounds are played where everyone gets a turn at describing their prompt.
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Re: The Jackbox Thread - Next Session: Sunday 19th September 5pm UTC (6pm UK)
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2019, 02:12:24 AM »
The next session is: Sunday 19th September 5pm UTC (6pm UK time)

The list of people attending is as follows.

(unlimited - taking place in Pillar Room on Discord server)
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Re: The Jackbox Thread - The Stats
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2019, 02:28:14 PM »
I took the liberty of compiling some stats from the recorded sessions on YouTube courtesy of my own videos and IchoTolot's

Up-to-date 18/7/21

Drawful and Drawful 2 (click to show/hide)
Bidiots (click to show/hide)
T.K.O (click to show/hide)
Mad Verse City (click to show/hide)
Patently Stupid (click to show/hide)
Survive The Internet (click to show/hide)
Role Models (click to show/hide)
Push The Button (click to show/hide)
Split The Room (click to show/hide)
Dictionarium (click to show/hide)
Guesspionage (click to show/hide)
The Devils and the Details (click to show/hide)
Blather Round (click to show/hide)
Civic Doodle (click to show/hide)
Monster Seeking Monster (click to show/hide)
Joke Boat (click to show/hide)
Champ'd Up (click to show/hide)
Session 0: 25/02/2018 (click to show/hide)
Session 1: 10/03/2018 (click to show/hide)
Session 2: 18/03/2018 (click to show/hide)
Session 3: 15/07/2018 (click to show/hide)
Session 4: 03/02/2019 (click to show/hide)
Session 5: 08/12/2019 (click to show/hide)
Session 6: 26/01/2020 (click to show/hide)
Session 7: 31/01/2021 (click to show/hide)
Session 8: 28/02/2021 (click to show/hide)
Session 9: 18/04/2021 (click to show/hide)
Session 10: 16/05/2021 (click to show/hide)
Session 11: 18/07/2021 (click to show/hide)
Session 12: 19/09/2021 (possible date - will confirm at a later date)
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Re: The Jackbox Thread - Next Session TBA
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2019, 02:20:33 AM »
I am interested in future sessions to try and engage in custom created content.

Quiplash 2 and Drawful 2 (which I now own) have features where you can create your own episode. However unless you actually own either of the games as well, there is no way to create the content as it would require an open Jackbox lobby on either game to actually create the episodes.

So I thought if everyone could PM their best Drawful or Quiplash prompts to me on here. I can place them in my already in progress custom created episodes. The prompts I have already are mainly Lemmings themed but I don't mind if the prompts are about other subjects.

Making Drawful 2 prompts

In Drawful 2 you would be writing the theme which the person would have to draw initially, obviously it has to be something which is actually guessable so referring to individuals in this won't make for good prompts.
Here is an example of an existing prompt in Drawful 1 (sorry Icho :P)

Having some Lemmings themed Drawful prompts would certainly make for some more exciting games.

Making Quiplash 2 prompts

In Quiplash 2, you would ask a question or make a statement where a blank needs filling in.

For example.
What two words would passengers never want to hear a pilot say?

Everyone knows that monkeys hate (insert word here)

Name a TV drama that's about a vampire doctor

So basically the question can be worded in different ways as shown above. Have you always wanted to make some of these prompts up yourself, now we can.

So please PM any which you have to me be it Drawful 2 or Quiplash 2, it can be just one prompt or it can be many. Either way I feel having contributions from other people would really help the variety in the custom episode I would like to make.

If you have the game yourself, you are very welcome to make your own episode, you'll just need to make sure you publish it and bring the 7 digit code generated along to the Jackbox session :).
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Re: The Jackbox Thread - The Audience
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2021, 01:09:12 AM »
Jackbox is not a game that needs to be purchased by yourself, I own the game myself and I'm providing the game feed via screenshare in the Pillar Room, everyone else just participates on a browser at

There is essentially no limit on how many people can play. Almost all of the Jackbox games have an audience which everyone in excess of the player number will go into once enough people have joined the game. These players in the audience will still play but there will be less participation.
If we have more than 8 players, we'll play each game multiple times if required to make sure everyone gets a turn and keep things fair.

How the audience works in the more popular games we play

Note that the following games do not support audience: Bidiots and Push the Button

Drawful 2 - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
Sadly the audience in this game will not draw anything but they are able to vote in the round where everyone votes on what they think is the original prompt. The audience will have an effect on the scoring of the game overall based on how they vote.

TKO - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
Again no drawing for the audience, however the audience can suggest things to draw or write which will appear in the background briefly during the creation phases. Also the audience vote in the voting phases.

Quiplash (XL, 2 and 3) - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience sit out the actual creation of the answers to the prompts but will be voting on the voting phases of the game.

Trivia Murder Party (1 and 2) - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience will answer the questions like the other players do, they can't be killed though so won't be participants on the Killing Floor, they can be called upon to be a decider in the minigame though. In Trivia Murder Party 2, the audience can WIN the game.

Guesspionage - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
A more interest use of the audience, if there is enough people in the audience, the audience will effective create the statistic for the question before the actual players answer the question. Increases replay value for this game :)

Fibbage (2 and 3) - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience don't enter lies but does vote on the entered lies trying to find the truth.
(In addition, in at least one of them (3, I think?), the audience doesn't directly write their own lies, but they do get presented with a multiple choice selection for a lie, which the audience votes on and is displayed alongside the other lies.)

Survive the Internet - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience vote on their favourite answer in each round.

Split the Room - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
Participating player (according to the wiki)

Mad Verse City - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience vote on their favourite player in each rap battle.

The Devils and the Details - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience take control of the cat and can indirectly affect the game's outcome by creating tasks (which usually involve what the cat did).
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Re: The Jackbox Thread - Jackbox Party Pack 8 coming soon :)
« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2021, 11:13:09 PM »
I've had some time and space to think and going forward, I am not going to host Jackbox more frequently than every 5-6 weeks. I think hosting the sessions more frequently has lead to me being over-anxious and why I had to cancel the last planned session.

Also to echo something I read on the Discord when I was absent
"I think we can all agree that we benefit from the camaraderie, companionship and fun that these game sessions provide, and although they can get a bit competitive, it's far more important that everybody is enjoying themselves. I for one will do my best next time to make sure that I put this at the forefront of my mind. Big love to all of you"

I agree with that statement greatly and I want Jackbox to be enjoyed, hence why I feel that not hosting it as often will help achieve this. I don't want the fun to fizzle out so having it as a once in a while thing (every 6-ish weeks) will help it be more fun when we do play.

However, good news is on the horizon to help keep Jackbox fun, Jackbox Party Pack 8 is coming out this fall (usually October). From what I've seen of the games so far, they seem innovative and fresh compared to the current games in Jackbox Party Packs 1-7.
Each Jackbox Party Pack following Party Pack 1 has always had one game which is a sequel of an existing game and one game is always a drawing game, look at the spoiler tag for details of the current trend.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

So Jackbox Party Pack 8 will be expected to release some time in mid October, I plan on getting the game as soon as it drops and I intend on doing a session that week also where we exclusively play the new games (with maybe some other classics thrown in). So good times ahead :)
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Re: The Jackbox Thread - Next Session: TBA
« Reply #6 on: July 20, 2021, 01:17:03 AM »
I can't rightfully vote since there's so many games I haven't played.

I liked Blather Round, Quiplash

I don't remember Guesspionage but I'd like to try it.
Also Dictionarium I want to play. I've played the "dictionary game" on it's own before.
Role Models also looks fun.
never played split the room either
monster seeking monster; sounds fun :D

Honestly the only games I wasn't real fond of were:
Murder Trivia Party
Devil and the Details [but I'd be willing to try this one again]
Push the button
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Ok, sorry for the delay in posting another session.

I've had a complication with when I will be away next month so I wasn't entirely sure when I was able to host another session. And plus I didn't want to post the session too early so I wanted to wait until it was at least in sight potentially.

Anyway, I can do another session on Sunday 19th September at the usual time, I did want to do a session on Sunday 5th Sept but I will be away sadly.

I would like to potentially play some games we haven't played in a while in this session and potentially give some other games a chance which have been poorly received in other sessions. I feel like the sessions recently have fallen into a lull of playing the same games and not really embracing other games into the mix. There is always an option to sit out a game if it's not to your taste anyway.
Since I don't seem to get feedback on the games from anyone, I'm left to decide which games to play before the session begins in pretty much all the sessions, I refer to this shortlist of games whenever there is no preference on what games to play. That's why I did the polls in the discussion topic recently.

Regarding the Jackbox Party Pack 8 release session, there is STILL no release date for the pack at the time of writing. I'll let you know about that when I know more, but this will be the last session before the JPP8 release session which will be sometime in October.
While I know the contents of Jackbox Party Pack 8 and what games are in it, I'm keeping the game spoiler free until the release session for the benefit of those who would rather be kept in suspense.
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This session is about to kick off over on Discord ;)

See you all there!
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Great session tonight everyone. Here are the games that most of us seemed to enjoy:

Devils & the Details
Talking Points
Tee K.O.
Monster Meets Monster
Murder Trivia Party

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That's why you kept on writing a list of them in the voice tribe :P
I'm okay