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Atomic Lemmings (AKA a playthrough of a frankenstein Dream Compliation.)


Greetings, as you well know I am going to play through this Frankenstein compilation of all the finished NeoLemmix Level packs that is posted here. It will be known as "Atomic Lemmings" because I desired a "One Stop Shop" of all the lemmings games and I didn't want to switch from the first alphabetical naming because that feature is yet to be figured out.

I will be writing a Story to go with it as I play through the areas I can. I am not allowed to use any guides or else I would be Disqualified from the "World Lemmings Game Association."

The story is this: Lemmings have gone Atomic. They are humanoid beings with a lot of courage, head strong bravery but not so much brain power.

People guide the Lemmings through all sorts of devious stages as they aim to beat entire leagues to face off against the top operator of Lemmings himself: Kevin Butler!

Kevin Butler is the top banana who is purely here to provide entertainment to the masses. So he have ingenious designers design many levels to make things interesting.

Lemmings are up to the task but they don't even have a clue about how to proceed to the dream match showdown. That is where "Little Jim" comes into play in the series.

"Little Jim" is an operator from the united states who is coached by the mascot "Lomax Louis." Also playing along at home... IT'S YOU TO SOLVE!

This is the story about the truest victory! But the road to triumph is long... Well, I'd record the footage but then I'll have to send a kill code to your computer.

Watch This Space for the playing.


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