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DOS EXE limitations.
« on: May 01, 2023, 12:09:10 PM »
Does anyone (smarter than me) know how to:
a) is there a switch in the DOS Lemmings that enables the Skip Cheat?  It would be really helpful to have as I like messing about with LemEdit3 in DOS.  Currently using the Xmas Demos which have the cheat enabled, to test with.  But these are only limited to 4 levels.  :(
b) Is there a way to change the 4 limit to 10?


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Re: DOS EXE limitations.
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2023, 12:20:24 AM »
Is there a specific motivation for wanting to use the DOS version specifically? You may have better luck with Lemmix (or NeoLemmix if you don't mind enhancements/bugfixes). Probably using NeoLemmix (or, if you insist on timed bombers, SuperLemmix) is your best option; you can choose to either use the new stuff or ignore it and just use the old stuff.

The version of DOS Lemmings I have lying around says the BILLANDTED code is incorrect, *but* it seems to still work correctly (after entering the code and then starting levels as normal, press 5 on the numpad); it just doesn't TELL you that it accepted it. It's not good for custom content for other reasons, though... I think OhNo works a bit better, but I think there's a version of the original that might work better called LEMRMAKE.EXE if I remember correctly. But I don't know what the level skip code is in that one.

There's also CustLemm but the physics are kinda messed up.