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List of Forum Staff; Donations
« on: January 16, 2015, 01:21:56 AM »
Forum staff -- contact in case of trouble:

Administrators: geoo | namida | Simon
Global Moderators: Flopsy | IchoTolot | kaywhyn

Global Moderators can remove spam or other unsuitable posts, move messages and topics, sticky topics, and give general advice on whether or not a post is okay or where it should go.

Administrators have direct access to the server (and by extension, the database) via SSH, as well as the ability to create / modify boards, activate accounts that aren't activating via email, etc. Administrators can also do anything that Global Moderators can do.

namida is the overall "owner" of the site, and there are a few things only namida has access to (eg. if the server is shut down, only namida is able to start it back up).

All administrators and global moderators have details on how to contact namida outside of the forum. Additionally, all administrators and global moderators have access to site source code and database / attachment backups.

Board-Specific Moderators

Some staff are also listed on the main page as board-specific moderators, purely to identify their connection to the specific board, even though they'd have moderator powers anyway based on their global status.

Board-Specific Moderators generally hold the status for being creator of or significant contributor to the board's project. Don't contact board-specific moderators for general site issues; contact an administrator or global moderator instead.

The Board-Specific Moderators for any given board are listed underneath the board on the main page (or on its parent board, as applicable).


As of the server move on 2018-08-17, we no longer have an automatic facility for making donations. If you would like to donate, please contact namida regarding how to do so manually.

Please be aware: The donations may be used towards domain renewal, but usually, they will go towards the monthly costs of the server. This is a flat rate cost no matter how many sites are or aren't on it, but Lemmings Forums is not the only site on the server (though it is by far the largest one). Currently, the only other major website on the server is, which is also a significant site for the Lemmings Forums community. In all cases, though, donations will be used in a way that benefits Lemmings Forums. If you would like to specifically ask that your donation be used in a way that solely helps Lemmings Forums rather than just in general the server that it runs on, please discuss this when asking to donate - depending on the situation at the time I may be able to specifically use it for a domain renewal.
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