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Hi Master-88!

I share the same opinion that some rage levels are good sometimes, for example, I was very realized when I finally solved "Triple Trouble" from the original lemmings. And yes, the public for this Level Pack are not begginers, I think we already have a lot of Level Packs with good begginers levels on the forum.

"For sure this one most great lemmings pack ever using old skills. Great job."
Thank you by the feedback (besides it uses some Neolemmix Skills)

Not complain guys. This man make some real lemmings levels. I personally stuck levels which contains those insane build blocks. I didn´t even knew there is way make block like this. This is actually awesome pack. Old school lemmings levels and old school skills. Just hard and rage levels. Those is all what we need. You can always play easier packs, if you want easy levels. This pack not contains easy levels

This man Determinte easy mode different than i determine. His easy levels was also brutally HARD IMO.

Very great Pack. I´ll recommend. Definitely not "noob" players. I personally like style like Lemmings plus 1 pack. Its start very easy and goes harder at end. Its my own style make levels. I´ll know how hard is it make lemmings levels which are hard. Very usually enduranece levels are easy, because a lot routes. Levels with releaserate manipulatulations and etc..... Break my brains.

For sure this one most great lemmings pack ever using old skills. Great job.

Hi Kaywhyn, thank you by the Feedback!

Overall, I saw your solutions and, in general, it was like original. As you was the first one to complete this pack, it had some backroutes (Easy 1, Easy 4, Normal 2, Normal 3, Hard 3). I'll fix these in a patch, with a quality of life change to eliminate the super-precise solutions (Hard 1)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

In general i think you solved the pack very fast, like my two previous ones. In my opinion Hard 2 was the level that should take the longest, and your solution was exactly the indeed! 

About the misleading of difficulties, it's cause Godlems (the first LP in this format) had some real easy levels. And the step-ups in difficulties is something that I need to improve cause I don't know how the third person should play...

About Hard 1
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
. But I understand that Lemmings being a puzzle game, puzzle levels are more fun, I'll focus on these for my future levels packs.

I'm looking foward to watch your LP on YouTube this weekend, and see your real-time opinions at it.

Hi Duuddu,

I have solved all of the pack, so here are my replays. Also, I did an LP of the pack: Enjoy! :P

General Feedback

Unusual Lemmings is the newest level pack by Duuddu and follows the exact same format as his two previous level packs Surge Lemmings and Godlems: 3 ranks called Easy, Normal, and Hard, with 5 levels each. If any of his previous work is any indication, the Easy rank certainly is more misnamed with every subsequent pack. I found them to be anything but easy except for Easy 1.

Other than Hard 1, the Normal rank actually took me the longest due to Normal 1, Normal 2, and Normal 4. These 3 pretty much all use a similar concept so that by the time you get to Hard 1 IMHO this was overdone to death. As I recall, this isn't a very well-liked trick due to how very fiddly and the extreme precision needed to pull it off. So, my advice would be to avoid making levels requiring this in future packs, especially since this has already been done with Surge Lemmings with Hard 1, and Icho and I called it out for the precision harming the level. There are definitely far better level ideas than that!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Even then, I would still give this pack a go, after Duuddu takes onboard the feedback and suggestions to make any necessary updates to fix backroutes and possibly also to reduce the precision on some levels, such as the ones mentioned.

Easy Rank Feedback

Supposedly the easiest rank due to being the first rank, this still isn't a complete pushover, as has been the case of the Easy ranks in Duuddu's previous level packs as well. Easy 1, along with Normal 3, were pretty much the quickest solves of the pack. Easy 2 took me the longest and definitely far longer than it should had. I would consider this one a bit too hard for its position. Yes, it might be a 1-of-everything and really short, but figuring out the solution is still challenging.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The rest of the levels in the rank weren't too bad, although the next hardest for me was Easy 4. Despite being a builders only level, it's quite hard despite being allowed 2 losses. There's 8 builders, and they're all required to get up to the wall where the exit is. So, it's a matter of fiddling with the RR until you get the solution to work, and this took a lot of tweaking before it worked!

For Easy 3, not as hard as the previous level, but this can still be challenging.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Finally, Easy 5 is very obvious what needs to be done, but if you're not aware of the idea required then it can be a roadblock.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Normal Rank Feedback

As mentioned, other than Hard 1, this rank took me the longest to complete due to Normal 1, Normal 2, and Normal 4. Still some decent puzzles here!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Hard Rank Feedback

Hard 1 is the hardest level of the rank, not unlike the other Hard 1's from Duuddu's other level packs. The extreme precision is what really harms Hard 1 here as well, to the point that I raged at the level during the time I solved the level off-camera. My advice would be to just avoid making levels that require this in the future. As far as I understand, the trick needed isn't very well-liked, and I haven't seen any other custom levels require it other than Duuddu's packs. The thing I find very confusing is if you been told by both Icho and me that the trick isn't well-liked and the resulting frustration in our experience of solving the Hard 1's, then why keep making levels like them ???

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

As usual, it may be a short pack but don't expect it to be a quick solve, if any of Duuddu's packs is any indication to go by. Even then, I would still give this pack a go, especially after a patch is released to fix backroutes and maybe to reduce precision on the levels I mentioned or possibly replace if they feel needed.

Thanks for the pack Duuddu! Don't take my rage at Hard 1 personally, those are really my honest feelings on the level, as I be lying if I said it didn't make me rage. You have great level ideas, but the one needed on Hard 1 and in the previous Hard 1 in Surge Lemmings isn't one of them. There's far better level ideas than that ;)

Onto my To-Play List it goes. :)

I hope this one take more than one day, counting by when you start to play it :D

Unusual Lemmings
It's a small level pack, with only 3 ranks and 5 levels in each rank. (Only 15 levels in total)


Easy - Introducing the pack, with some tricks while starting to increase the difficulty for the next rank.
Normal - More tricky and precise, preparing you for the final rank.
Hard - The hardest levels of this pack are here, using a lot of you know about Neolemmix.

This pack follows the same style of my two previous ones, "Godlems" and "Lemmings Surges".

If you complete this level pack, if possible, send me the replays and a feedback for the futures levels pack that I'll do. Fell free to stream in any place or post on Youtube.

2 musics are attached for levels "Easy 2" and "Hard 1". Just extract the folder in your music folder of neolemmix.

How to play:
-If you don't have NeoLemmix, download it from
-Download this level pack and extract on the paste levels of your NeoLemmix. (if you don't have the paste levels, you can create one).
-Run the Neolemmix.exe and press F2 to access the pack through the level browser.
-Have fun playing Lemmings

In Development / Re: Random level sharing topic!
« on: September 10, 2021, 10:50:20 PM »
So I've been making subset levels for a while now.  This one isn't a subset per se, since one of the one-way walls has been reversed, but I figure it makes a great "part two" level.  Have fun!  It uses Genesis music, which it expects to find in the "genesis" subdirectory of "music".

Name: The gate trap Lemmings (part two)
Difficulty: Moderately Hard

Here's my solution for this level

Here is my feedback. :)


1 - 3: Nice easy, but also not trivial levels! :)

4 - 5: And we already get quite tricky. Great puzzles! :thumbsup: Only 5 could use a bit of decoration for my liking. ;)


1 - 2: These 2 are my favorite levels of the pack! :thumbsup:  They look nice and simply, the solution is trcky and they are just all around good levels!

3: Also a good one, but let's say I've seen this quite a few times before. ;)

4: Apart from 1 thing later, this was the hardest level of the pack. There are quite a lot of possibilities here on how things could work out which make it difficult.

5: This one was easier again, but also not totally trivial. I also like the lok of the level. :)


1 - Nice solution, nice trick, buuuut.....
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

2 - 3: A bit easier again, but I also liked the solutions! :)

4: My favorite level from the hard rank. Not the most difficult, but it play out nicely!

5: The last level was tricky, but I found the solution quite early due to the limits the skillset and the terrain. You can lock down quite a few things here. ;)

Overall I would say especially in the visual departement the pack is a step forward from the previous one! :thumbsup: Solutions-wise except of the one unnessesarily precise level you again have some very nice puzzles in here! :thumbsup:
Thank you by the feedback! :thumbsup: I always use it on my next Level Packs :D

Solved the pack and attached my solutions.

I will post some more detailed feedback after every backroute has been patched out of my replays and all my solutions are intended/acceptable. :)

Hello IchoTolot :D
I had watched all your replays and do not found something too outliner from the original concept. I think your solutions are very great and can be acceptable. (For example, your solution in Hard 4 is like the original, you had  killed a lemming in the start and build at the end, in original solution this order is inverted. But I think your solution is better because do not requer a lot of pixel perfect.) :thumbsup:

About the Hard 3, i've decided to let the level how it is, cause Kaywhyn solved it with a nother solution too.

Thank you a lot by playing, and waiting for the detailed feedback. :laugh:

Resolved Normal 1, Hard 1, and Hard 4. These all seem intended, now. Normal 1 is slightly more challenging, but it is now another favorite level of mine in the rank :thumbsup: Hard 1 was more or less the same as the previous solution, just the containment method is different on the right side, as well as some additional things around the exit area. Also, the right side with the blocker is frustrating as it's quite precise and making sure

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Finally, truthfully the steel block between the OWWs in Hard 4 made the solution much more obvious, as I was quite stumped by the level in v1.1. To be fair, I hadn't had much of a chance to play v1.1 of the level before v1.2 dropped. Also, I didn't notice any change going from v1.0 to v1.1 other than the distance between the OWWs only slightly increased and therefore my previous solution breaks there. Still a great level, though! ;)

I saw your replays, and thank you by playing :thumbsup:

About Hard 4, it wasn't the original solution, but I don't know how to fix it yet :-\ I'll think in a way to not be so obvious the final part ;)
Normal 1 was the original solution, and Hard 1 was not the original solution too, but the important parts are not forgotten.

At all, nice job and solution by solving this pack :laugh:

Removed all possible Backroutes from Hard 4 - A Marble Level

I'll not more modify this pack, only if have some bug or drastic backroutes.

I understand, but I put the difficulty of the pack based on the easiest level and the hardest one. I think the first level of this pack "Easy 1 - The End." and the second "Easy 2 - To slow" are easy ones. (but how you said, maybe it's just because i made them)
About the sign ranks, It's more a way to rank they between themselves.
But i tried to make it with a great progression of difficulty, but seeing now, i think that if i was reorder the levels position, i would make some changes.

Hello Duuddu,

I have solved all of the levels in this pack. My replays are attached. Wow, compared to Godlems which I solved just last month, this pack is a huge step up in difficulty! :XD: The Easy rank here is way more misleading than it is in Godlems, as the entire rank was quite difficult. Pretty much the only easy level in the rank was Easy 1 - The end, as that one is an X-of-everything, where X is 10, although the save all requirement doesn't make it a complete pushover. The rest of the rank took me probably a good 5-10 minutes each. My favorites in the rank were Easy 2 - To slow, Easy 4 - Streetwise, and Easy 5 - The Altruistic Guy :thumbsup: Easy 3 - I know a lemming who can help us is a huge step up in difficulty, probably more than the jump from Easy 1 to Easy 2, and was the hardest for me in the rank. It's obvious what needs to be done, but the execution is quite annoying, especially with the very high RR, and anytime I thought I had the crowd safely contained unfortunately some of the lemmings don't stop and hence the entire crowd spills out. Knowing myself, there's probably an easier way than the solution I used/found.

The rest of the pack was pretty much slow going for me, although the Normal rank probably took me about the same amount of time as the Easy rank. Possibly only slightly longer thanks to Normal 4 - The Overflow Lemmings, which is definitely the hardest in the entire rank, as that one took me the longest in the rank. There's probably far easier solutions, though. Normal 1 - No Way Out is definitely a big step up in difficulty from the end of the Easy rank. My favorite level of the Normal rank was Normal 2 - Lemmings in NOT the ideal scenario :thumbsup: The solution is quite clever.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

For Normal 5 - Hey lem, could you help us?, there's probably an easier way, as in my solution I think the builder got over to the other side just in the nick of time before that one lemming could slip through the cracks :laugh:

The Hard rank definitely lives up to its name, as pretty much every level in the rank took me a while. Definitely way harder than the Hard rank in Godlems. Hard 2 - Dead Hard Lem was the easiest in the entire rank, as I solved that one quite quick. That one was probably my favorite in the entire rank :thumbsup:

Hard 1 - Lemming Facility This one is probably a close second for my favorite level in the rank. Certainly the hardest part is the right hatch with saving everyone, particularly the blocker, where there isn't a really easy way to turn around. This one took me longer than it should had. The only reason why I was able to solve it eventually was because I remember a level from United that uses the exact same trick. I saw the trick with turning the lemming that pushes the button around very quick. Still a difficult level, particularly since a lot of the skill placements aren't obvious.

Hard 3 - Cruel Limits I definitely noticed the parallel with Godlems, where Hard 3 from that pack is also a very big time cruncher. This level certainly did a great job of eliciting a "how in the world do you solve this in just 2 freaking minutes??????" Turns out that it isn't as hard as the level appears, it's only hard because of the extremely tight time limit. Fortunately the timing here is much easier than Hard 3 from Godlems.

Hard 4 - A Marble Level This also parallels Hard 4 from Godlems in that it's necessary to fiddle with the RR, although you have to do it several times here. This was the last level that I solved, as I kept jumping around the rank to see if I could solve any levels of the Hard rank. This one took me the longest to figure out and solve. Earlier attempts I kept coming up a skill short. Patching up the gap on the same level as the OWWs is quite tight.

Hard 5 - Lack of Skills and Lemmings Certainly harder than Hard 5 from Godlems. I love how you have to swap the specialists so that you can proceed further in the level.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Even though this pack is much harder than Godlems, these challenges were quite satisfying to figure out :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing another pack of yours, and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future if you plan on making more ;)
Hello Kaywhyn,

I already watched all your replays and man, how you solve this in less than a day? :laugh: Congrats! :thumbsup:
You use the original solution in almost every levels, but with not so relevant changes in Normal 2 and Hard 5, for example. I fixed some backroutes that I think it's importand (Normal 1 and Hard 4), because change all the level gameplay.
Hard 2 - Dead Hard Lem: was a backroute too, but I'm thinking in how to solve it ???, I'll attach the original solution here.

Yeah, I tried to make an parallel with Godlems in this pack :thumbsup:

Thanks by playing my level pack and give this feedback, I really consider in my next levels that I'll do :)

Lemmings Surges
It's a small level pack, with only 3 ranks and 5 levels in each rank. Totaling 15 levels.


Easy - Introducing the pack, with some tricks while starting to increase the difficulty for the next rank.
Normal - More tricky and precise, preparing you for the final rank.
Hard - The hardest levels of this pack are here, using a lot of you know about Neolemmix.


If you complete this level pack, if possible, send me the replays and a feedback for the futures levels pack that I'll do.

How to play:
-If you don't have NeoLemmix, download it from
-Download this level pack and extract on the paste levels of your NeoLemmix. (if you don't have the paste levels, you can create one).
-Run the Neolemmix.exe and press F2 to access the pack through the level browser.


1.0 Backroutes Fixes:
-Normal 1 - No way out
-Hard 4 - A Marble Level
-Hard 1 - Lemming Facility

1.1 Fixed "Hard 4 - A Marble Level":

After i removed the backroutes of Hard 4 - A Marble Level, I do not run the original replay to check, now i did it and it was impossible with the original solution, I fixed it.

1.2 Removed all possible backroutes from Hard 4- A Marble Level

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [Neolemmix] Godlems [Difficulty: Easy - Hard]
« on: March 24, 2021, 08:01:07 PM »
Hello Duuddu,

I've solved all of the pack. My replays are attached.

General Remarks

Wow, this pack is a step up in terms of quality and difficulty from your other two packs for Old Formats. Even though it's shorter than either pack, it's not an easy one at all. Even the Easy rank is no pushover despite the ranking name leading you to believe otherwise. While your other two packs were challenging as well, this pack is definitely your hardest thus far. It's still a great pack and definitely was a great challenge from start to finish. That reminds me, I need to post my replays for your other two packs in the appropriate level pack topic sometime.

Easy Rank Feedback

As I already mentioned, don't be fooled by the ranking name, as it's still no complete slouch/pushover. It's still easier than both the Normal and Hard ranks, just harder than usual levels and not complete walks in the park.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Normal Rank Feedback

Harder levels here. Some of these took me a while to figure out and solve.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Hard Rank Feedback

Even harder levels here. Hard 1 and Hard 4 - Godlems were the hardest for me. In particular, Hard 4 took me the longest to solve out of any level in the pack, and my solution is extremely timing heavy and super precise. I really made my life hard on this level. The result was just so much frustration from rewinding so much and the extremely long waiting game just to get the timing correct and for the solution to finally work out. I saw Icho's and Armani's solutions after solving this level and yea, as I thought there are much easier ways to do the solution. Granted, I kept giving up on this level in frustration and came back occasionally from time to time, and I finally managed to solve it today, although again very fiddly, messy, and timing heavy, along with the super long waiting game.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Overall, nice job with the pack, and I look forward to more packs from you in the future if you're thinking of making more levels ;)

Thank you by the Feedback, I always uses it for my future LP :thumbsup:
I've seen all your replays and you made what I think that was impossible: Win Hard 4 - Godlems, without the RR at 7 at the start. Congratulations!

And you didn't use the digger at Hard - 1 too :D

Overall, you used the original solution in almost all levels :thumbsup:

About the levels names references:

LM098 PaLLace - It was my 98 I ever did on Neolemmix (since I started to save as LM001, LM002..). It was a palace decoration. I just bring it to the new Neolemmix format and use another decoration, but with the tiles exatcly up on the old tiles...

Hotel 626 - This was a browser horror game by 2008-2012, I just wanted to do a referece here

And too, I didn't put the Hard 4 - Godlems as the last level of the pack, because on the original pack the Hardest level is Mayhem 29 - Save me. But about the last level, I've tried to do a hard timer level, but I failed haha, but it enforces more the reference to the original LP, I think.

In Development / Re: Random level sharing topic!
« on: March 18, 2021, 01:54:58 AM »
Here's a level I came up with that's too difficult for Oh No More Casualemmings!

Terror temple
Difficulty: 7/10 (Very hard)

I'm wondering if I should keep the hard levels I come up with out of the pack, or just put them in an extra rank at the end.

I solved this level, i think that I found a backroute becuase i don't used the climber. But it still a very good level :thumbsup:

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [Neolemmix] Godlems [Difficulty: Easy - Very Hard]
« on: October 30, 2020, 06:17:05 PM »
I've been asked if I can give a bit more in depth feedback so here it goes:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

All in all, it's a very good pack though! :thumbsup:

The thing where you could improve the most for future pack is in the looks departement I think. This is also a bit personal preference from myself as well though. ;)
A few cases of bumps in the difficulty curve are there, but ranking after difficulty is a thing everybody struggles with as you will always judge difficulty differently than the player. I don't really mind a few bumps in the difficulty curve as well and it's definitly not a major thing here. :)

Thank you by this feedback, I really consider your feedbacks in my level packs. About the decoration I've some difficulty, but I'm learning and finding inspiration in others player's lp. :thumbsup:

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