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Steps to reproduce:

1) Open up the latest version of the NL Editor (1.13) and use a graphic set that uses the defaut one-way arrows.

2) Place any one-way arrow object onto the level and invert/flip it so that it points in the opposite direction.

3) In the editor the arrows are facing the correct way but when you open up the level in the latest NL Player (12.6.2) the arrows become white and start facing the direction they were facing before the invert/flip but they still behave the way they were after that invert/flip. So, for example, if you grab a left-facing one-way arrow object and flip it so that it faces the right it shows that it's pointing to the right in the editor but in the player it will face left and behave like it's a right-facing one-way arrow object.

Contests / Level Solving Contest #5
« on: July 14, 2019, 03:33:32 am »
Come one, come all! It's time for the Lemmings Level Solving Contest #5!

Life In The Fast Lane!

Guide your favorite rodent creatures through a twisty garden of marble, slopes, and mud as you compete to be the very best level solver! The criteria used will be the following:

1. Total number of Lemmings saved
2. Amount of skills saved
3. Time taken to rescue your final lemming

So once again the player who saves the most lemmings is the winner. The main tiebreakers will be how many skills are left over followed by the fastest time it takes to rescue the final lemming in the solution.

Submit your replay to me when you are finished. More than one person working together in a joint effort to produce one replay is allowed. Also, if you submit a replay and you manage to find a better solution please feel free to resubmit your replay to me again. Just write a little note notifying me that this new replay is an improvement and should be the one used in judging.

The deadline for submitting a replay will be September 7th, 2019 at 00:00 UTC. I know it's a very long time but hopefully this will give people more than enough time to participate.

Submission so far:

- Crane
- Minim
- SQron

General Discussion / Nessy's YouTube Channel
« on: May 28, 2019, 02:45:15 am »
So for those of you who are not aware I have finally started getting back into making YouTube videos (with a new mic) and I thought it wouldn't hurt to advertise it. I'm trying to keep a concrete schedule of uploading a video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for now until further notice.

Current and Upcoming YouTube LP Projects:

- Mega Man Rock Force (Starts June 24th): Another 8-bit NES Mega Man fan game.

- Sonic 3 & Knuckles: The final game in the Genesis Sonic trilogy. I already finished the first two and attempted a blind run of the third game before my break. Fantastic game... but I really wasn't enjoying recording it blind, so I decided to just do a non-blind run to finish the trilogy off nicely.

- Mega Man Unlimited Perfect Runs (Every Friday if possible / Playlist): Beating as many levels as possible with no damage and buster only. Inspired by Roahm Mythril's Perfect Runs of the official games.

Very Far Into The Future Projects:

- Lemmings Destination Creator Commentary

Completed Projects:

- Mega Man Unlimited (Playlist)

The official thread for everything related to updates, removals, or modifications to the main styles download on (Can be directly downloaded here)

Style List (Updated 3-1-2019) (click to show/hide)

I have done a significant update to the main styles download that includes adding in the following graphic sets:
- plom_festiveshangtu
- plom_halayangube
- sqron_turrican2wall
- zanzindorf_agony
- nin10_TADragon
- nin10_TALava
- ray_superteleport (April fools or not... this is still a nice addition)

I have also given the styles configuration file included in the directory a major update as well in order to include all graphic sets that it previously didn't. This is so that they are displayed a little nicer in the NLEditor as they will properly display the name of the set and they are grouped by author.

I do, however, have a favor to ask anyone who has ever made a graphic set: please take a look at the list below which is a list of all graphic sets in the main styles download so far. Please make a quick review and if you made a graphic set that isn't included... let me know. If you do in fact see a graphic set but you want it removed... let me know also!

Something that was partially discussed yesterday on Discord and I'm going to pop in here real quick and make a post about it.

It seems that there are a lot of video gaming sessions being scheduled that aren't Lix related such as Ultimate Chicken Horse, Ocarina of Time/Sonic Races, Jackbox, etc. It seems like they are more popular now and have the potential to grow into many more games outside of Lemmings and Lix so I was wondering if it would be more practical now to give them all their own Board or Sub-Board called "Gaming Sessions" or "Non Lix Gaming Sessions" or something along those lines to keep them all in one place.

What do others think?

Live Event Scheduling / Nessy's "Loch Ness" Streams
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:39:20 am »
I think it's time to get into the streaming world and what better way than with a Custom Level Submission Stream... similar to what RTW, Flopsy, and Arty have done in the past and I feel like I must take up the torch for them!

So come one, come all! All Lemmings and Lix from all over the world! Create a level, submit it to me, and I'll play it live.


- Your level(s) can be for NeoLemmix (New Format) or Lix.
- If your level has custom music (even for a Lix level!) or custom graphic sets please sent them as well.
- There is no limit to how many levels you can sent unless otherwise specified.
- It can be a level that is part of a pack in development or a level just for the stream.
- If I don't play your level in a certain session they will be the very first levels I play in the next session.
- If a certain creator is not present for a stream I will not play their level unless they want me to.
- Feel free to re-submit a level if it has a backroute fix.

Next Stream's Date:

- No date yet

Submitted Levels:

- None

Other Possible Streams:

I am also up to doing other streams and here are some loose ideas:

- The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past No Major Glitches speedruns
- Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% Speedruns
- Mario or Sonic casual games
- A random Lemmings pack I never played before
- Any other suggestions

Even if you have any .xm files in the music folder, these do not display in the music drop-down menu in the editor. The .mod, .mp3, .s3m and .ogg music formats are not affected by this as far as I'm aware. I'm not sure if any other music file formats are affected by this.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new level or open an existing level, and place at least one terrain/object. Do not save the level yet.
2. Press Ctrl+N to create a new level.

Expected: You should get a dialog asking you if you want to save your level.
Instead: The level disappears and nothing is saved, so all your hard work has the potential to be erased.

I think a program in the new Pack Toolkit that can count the number of styles and musics used in a pack can be very useful in order to help me keep a balance on how many styles and musics are used in total.

This is nothing urgent or important of course.

Currently when one goes into Clear Physics mode in the NL editor, the background does not change to black. If using Clear Physics mode while playing a level the background does turn black. Maybe the same should be true when creating a level in the editor as the background can be distracting while making a level at times.

Level Design / Thoughts on Merging Old Levels with a Newer Pack?
« on: May 28, 2018, 11:56:48 pm »
Something that I have been thinking about lately.

For those of you who don't know I have been working on some new levels for a new pack for a while now (although not so much lately due to real life and forum responsibilities), but I have been thinking about this none-the-less. The more levels I create the more uneasy I get about having this pack being a completely different pack than my previous pack. Not sure why I feel that way as many forum members have done multiple packs.

I decided to make a post to ask other's people's opinions on the subject matter. I was thinking of merging almost all levels from my previous pack into my new pack. My reasoning is as follows:

1) Allow people to play all my levels in one place.

2) Realize my dream of making a larger level pack of 100-120 levels with a better difficulty curve. It also feels weird to me to have two packs where one is 40 levels and the other is 100 something.

3) Now that I have more experience with level design I have been wanting to give some of my Migration levels a little make-over design and solution-wise without destroying even more replays because apparently my levels have been infamous for replay breakage lately :( Of course, my old pack will not be removed. It just won't be updated anymore.

4) The new pack is still going to be over 90 new levels and less than 40 old ones, so the merge won't water down the pack.

Thoughts? I would like to hear them :)

NeoLemmix Levels / [NeoLemmix] Official Lemmings Packs in New Format
« on: April 25, 2018, 02:43:08 am »
Official .nxp Lemmings packs from the NeoLemmix website converted to new formats. Available for download on this thread and on

Original Lemmings

Oh No! More Lemmings

Xmas Lemmings 91 & 92

Holiday Lemmings 93 & 94

Covox Lemmings

Prima Publishing Lemmings

Extra Official Levels

A little project I have been working on lately: my first graphic set!


This graphic set isn't based off of anything and is just my original work. This is also a work in progress, and since this is my first graphic set I wanted to make a thread to kind of allow anyone (especially people that have made a graphic set in the past) to give me any feedback to guide me in the right direction :)

Closed / [FIXED][Bug][PackToolkit] Blank Preview and Postview Text Screens
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:45:31 pm »
While converting my pack using the NXPConvert program everything worked expect for one small mistake the program made where postview text became preview text. This was no problem and so in the PackToolkit I just copied and pasted the dialogue from the preview text window to the postview text window. Unfortunately, when I started up the level a screen that would have the preview text shows, but it is blank. It just says on top "Press the mouse button to continue" and nothing more.

I just manually removed this from the .nxlv file, but to test this out further I selected another level using the PackToolkit program in the "Levels" tab and only opened up a blank preview text window, didn't write anything, and just closed it. Now it is also showing a blank preview text screen.

It seems that when these windows are opened the $PRETEXT or $POSTTEXT is inserted into the .nxlv file, but when the window closes and nothing was written these lines of code remain in the .nxlv file and isn't removed. The NL player still reads them but seeing no text, just displays these blank screens. That's my guess on it.

Lix Levels / Nessy's Lix Multiplayer Maps
« on: February 11, 2018, 02:41:09 am »
After participating in Lix multiplayer sessions I think the time has come to start making my own maps!

I made a thread for it... like all the cool kids are doing now-a-days :lix-cool:

The Abandoned Sanctuaries

Overtime: 0:50
Players: 2, 4, 6, and 8

A map loosely based on my NeoLemmix level "The Abandoned Sanctuary".

The lix find themselves deep within a cave with strange structures in them. Time and space bends in on itself, allowing an infinite amount of these strange structures in both directions. Are these places really a sanctuary, or some strange underground and forgotten prison?

To survive this map you must guide your lix to the next "sanctuary" to the right of the sanctuary where they initially spawn. There are several ways to go about this: you can go over your structure which is slower but safer, you can go through the bottom which is faster but risky, or you can just go left until you reach your exit which is not recommended.

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