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List of Forum Staff; Donations
« on: January 16, 2015, 01:21:56 am »
Forum Staff

In case of forum troubles, please contact:
Administrators: ccexplore | geoo | namida | Simon
Global Moderators: Akseli | Clam
Temporary Global Moderators: currently none
Board-Specific Moderators: IchoTolot (Level Design Contests board) | Nepster (NeoLemmix board & its subforums) | Proxima (Challenges board) | Tsyu (SuperLemmini board & its subforums) | Wafflem (Level Packs board & its subforums)

Administrators have FTP/SSH and direct database access (though only namida has access to the very highest-level controls, but it's very unlikely this will ever matter). Additionally, all administrators and global moderators have details on how to contact namida outside of the forum.

Global Moderators are generally unable to perform issues relating to site maintanence, but can assist with removal of spam or other unsuitable posts or updating sticky topics, or general advice on whether or not a post is okay and/or where it should go.

Board-Specific Moderators generally hold the status due to their connection to the board in question (eg. being the creator of or a significant contributor to a project, in the case of a project board). Temporary Global Moderators hold the position for a specific purpose that requires global moderator access. Neither of these should be contacted for general site issues (contact a (permanent) global moderator or an administrator instead).


If you would like to donate towards the site's hosting costs, you may do so here:

The "Contributor Code" is to avoid any risk of fraudulent donations, or people repeatedly making small donations to incur deposit fees, etc. You can get the code off any staff member (excluding board-specific moderators), or any other member who already knows it.

Just to clarify: I can't find out who made the donations, unless you decide to leave a message while donating. So if you want to do it anonymously you can; and the flipside is, if you want to reveal who you are, make sure to leave a message saying so.
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