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Bugs & Suggestions / Re: [Suggestion] "Permanent Skill" only exits
« Last post by Nepster on Today at 04:20:37 pm »
Just letting you know: This suggestion is not forgotten or ignored. Thanks for all the discussion.

I'd like to see an experimental implementing these ideas so we can test this more, along with exits only allowing permanent skills. 
But unfortunately you'll have to wait until the new-formats version is relatively stable until either namida or I have time for such empermental versions.
Lemmings Discussion / Re: Tileset ideas thread
« Last post by Wafflem on Today at 02:50:12 pm »
But why stop there? Here's even more!

Chess - a chess board with chess pieces! Well, we've got Gronkling's Minimal graphic set already...

Minesweeper - making such a graphic set should be easy enough; all the sprites already exist! It's good though to make your own custom terrain to complement the sprites though (like how Gronkling made his custom terrain for Menace and BeastII).

Solitaire - preferably the Windows 95 version. Here's some cards if you want to make the tileset!

Volcano - yes, the Fire set already has volcano-like elements such as lava and ash, but someone can make a Volcano graphic set in their own art style, much like how Raymanni made the Snow set in his own style.

Junkyard - junk, junk, junk! Lots of garbage everywhere, crushed cars.

Office - a computer, keyboard, mouse. Bookshelves, telephones, scissors, all kinds of writing supplies. Chairs, couches, you name it. Add some CDs, Floppy Disk Drives, you name it!

Swamp - lots of green water with algae, trees, you name it.

Mushroom - a graphic set made up almost entirely of all kinds of mushrooms, such as red mushrooms with white tops, hydnellum peckii mushrooms, button mushrooms, you name it. Then there's grass and fields and forests of course. A single-use trap is a mushroom causing a lemming to go through hallucinations, then faint from it.

Fairytale - why not a graphic set entirely made of stories based on fairy tales? A castle, Rapunzel's hair, a pumpkin carriage. A single-use trap is a poison apple that the Queen fed Snow White. The exit can be a Fairytale book, and a locked exit will of course be the book opening once the lemming presses all the buttons.

Greece - this city is known for its unique and breathtaking architecture. Who knows, this tileset can really see its full potential in Artlems!

Cappadocia - those geological structures in Turkey are also some of the most breathtaking and most unique out there, and makes one wonder how these structures were carved in the first place. A hot air balloon can serve as the exit.

Heaven - how do we not have a Heaven-type tileset yet? You've got clouds, water, sunshine, nice marble bricks, water, and the Gates of Heaven as an exit.

Lava Lamp - uh...colored lava and lava lamps?

Plasma - a tileset made of electricity...but most of the tileset will just involve electrocuting the lemming anyway. But we can resolve that with petrified lightning as terrain!

BeastI and BeastIII - How does BeastI not have its own graphic set already? Though people already have their reasons - it's hard to divide A BeastI of a Level into smaller pieces, but perhaps someone one day will have the skills to make this happen. BeastIII could also use its own tileset, using Gui55's VGASPEC as a starting point.

Crash Bandicoot - the tiles can be ripped from Crash Bandicoot: A Huge Adventure since all the levels from that game are very heavily based on the Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back levels.

Fidget - Fidget cubes, Fidget spinners, anything that people use as a way to distract themselves from the stresses of everyday life.

Mandala - a graphic set consisting of mandalas of all shapes and sizes, you name it.

On a side note, the Beach tileset can have a single-use trap, an oyster - why not have the oyster eat the lemming, and turn him into a pearl? :8():

Great ideas as well, GigaLem and möbius! Queelag's Domain, Catacombs, Oriental, Train Station/Subway, Neon, Abandoned Hospital, Arcade and Gingerbread sound very neat! For the Cheese one, cheese does already exist in Raymanni's Food tileset, but I agree that there should be more types of cheese (and as you said, nachos!).

By the way, if anyone wants to make more Sonic-based graphic sets, then pretty much everything you need is in the Spriters Resource!
I'll be picking it up too.

Big fan of the Crash series although Wafflem must be a bigger fan than me because he's actually put Crash music in some of the MegSEByte levels :)

That is a big thing for me, it HAS to be close mechanic wise to the originals otherwise I'll be greatly disappointed with it.

So many remakes occur these days and I think this is one of those ones which a lot of people are going to have their eyes on for being close to the original because let's face it, I think the FFVII remake is not going to be anywhere close to the original.
Non-Lemmings Gaming / Anyone else getting the Crash Bandicoot remakes?
« Last post by namida on Today at 12:32:03 pm »
(For those who somehow didn't hear - remakes of the original three Crash Bandicoot games are coming out next Friday for PS4! From the video footage I've seen they look extremely true to the originals, although time trials have been added to the first two games.)

I've definitely been excited about these since I first heard they were coming, and finally put my preorder in yesterday. Thanks to PS4's pre-download feature I'll be able to play as soon as it releases; and thanks to the timezone here that should be among the first people in the world. :P

If I can get streaming from my PS4 working well, I'll probably stream when I play it too. :)
General Discussion / Re: Mobi's blog
« Last post by Simon on Today at 06:19:04 am »
Maybe youtube-dl? Cross-platform command-line tool to download single videos, or download all videos from a given playlist. Then watch the files offline.

I use that on twitch vods sometimes, their web player can't handle saved chat bloat. Downloading 1 GB of video can be the least painful option to watch one minute within. >_>;

Doesn't help though for writing public comments under a video.

-- Simon
Feedback on above. I'll just spoiler tag the whole thing, but I'll split it into two - one for up to where Proxima's up to (based on latest video, which is currently part 19), and the rest up to where Nepster's up to (which is at, but not past, a boss fight against two undead enemies - I think only one such boss fight exists so this should identify it).

Spoilers up to these respective points will not be further marked, including those that are gameplay mechanic spoilers rather than story ones. Any spoilers beyond those points that are brought up within the tags, will be spoiler marked as nessecary.

Up to Proxima's current point (click to show/hide)

Lix / Re: Lix 0.7.6 experimental
« Last post by Simon on Today at 05:02:40 am »
I merged geoo's replays and 3 updated levels. Thanks for covering more than half of the task! 17 lemforum levels remain to be proven, along with 29 Rubix levels.

geoo remade Let's Block And Blow in Raymanni's lab tileset, see attached screenshot. (Bug in the image exporter: Levels smaller than 640x400 don't print stats, only a few dots in bottom-right corner.)

-- Simon
Lemmings Discussion / Re: Tileset ideas thread
« Last post by GigaLem on Today at 02:17:45 am »
Might as well name some ideas I have

Neon - light a light show in Tokyo, lights are everywhere in a busy city

Mayan/Aztec ruins - Ruins like those always have very interesting designs, so lemmings would be fit for it

Asian/Oriental - Pagodas, Sakura Trees, beautiful mountains, you name it. In this tileset, we don't just have Lemmings, but foolish samurai Lemmings

Train Station/Subway - These can be two tilesets, one old fashioned one modern, we have railroads, Locomotives, and bricks and maybe even graffiti

LAC - (Lemming Aero Space) Basically a tileset based on Doom (The original)

Cheese - I want a cheddar tileset, one that is feta than all the rest, I hope im not Provolone on these puns. but in all seriousness I want a tileset made of cheese heck put some nachos in there

Abandoned Hospital - Make this a Sequel to the Horror set from Doomsday Lemmings, something chilling towards your spine

Silent Hill - Something similar to the idea above but with abandoned inns

Inktropolis -  If you have played splatoon, think of someting involving, Colorful ink spots, paintball like battlefield pieces, and Splatoon brand logos on the walls

Space Stations - Weather it be mission command on earth, or satalites in space. We can probably expand upon lemmings in the final frontier. or use the lemmings touch tileset as a base

Cosmos/Outer Space - On the flipside we would also have, asteroids, Saturn rings, space dust, black hole traps, and the stars among us

Arcade - The past time before home gaming, cabinets, Tickets, skeeball, Throw in a DDR machine in there too

Music - Notes, Instruments, Stands and stages. Go nuts

Saloon - The good, The bad, and many ways to die. hell on of my traps it very morbid (Lemming picks up a gun, wonders what it does and ends up shooting itself)

Gingerbread - Fantastic for the holidays, frosting and gumdrops everywhere

Fireworks - Fireworks come in many shapes in sizes, why not make it a tileset?
Reply to ccexplore (click to show/hide)
It's been a while since I played this, so I probably won't provide any feedback now unless I get the chance to replay it again, likely from beginning (though I also have the option to play from the backup files correspond to whenever's the last time I touched the game).  I will say though that skimming through Nepster's "general stuff", at least a few points he mentioned are stuff I kind of took for granted based on experiences with other RPGs, so I guess the feedback will likely also depend on which other RPGs the player has played previously.  Of course, just because it's "normal" (or perhaps a better term would be "conventional" as in following the "usual" conventions of these kinds of games) doesn't mean it has to be slavishly accepted.

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