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Level Packs / Re: [NeoLemmix] NepsterLems
« on: September 23, 2017, 08:24:48 pm »
The first post contains now a download link to the new-formats version of NepsterLems.

NeoLemmix / Re: Experimental NeoLemmix player - Pack conversion available!
« on: September 23, 2017, 06:09:35 pm »
Just a brief heads-up: There is a bug either in the player itself or in some lemmings animation, that prevents playing any level. I am currently working on it...

EDIT: Found the bug. To fix this, download the attached and extract it in your NeoLemmix folder. It should add one sprite and replace the scheme.nxmi in the default style.

EDIT2: The download content is now fixed, too. So everyone who downloaded after reading this second message resp. after 2017-9-23, 18:40UTC doesn't need the hotfix attached to this post.

Level Packs / Re: Deceit's Lemmings
« on: September 23, 2017, 04:40:35 pm »
Updated the pack to the new-formats version. No other changes. Please see the first post for the download links.

NeoLemmix / Re: Experimental NeoLemmix player - Pack conversion available!
« on: September 23, 2017, 03:55:37 pm »
List of already updated level packs:
- Nepster: NepsterLems, DeceitLemmings

NeoLemmix / Re: Experimental NeoLemmix player - Pack conversion available!
« on: September 23, 2017, 03:55:07 pm »

Conversion of existing level packs
1) Download the newest new-formats version:
You get it from the links in the post above. And of course install them... Check that the file "NXPConverter.exe" is present in the same folder than the "NeoLemmix.exe" file.

2) Check for converted graphic sets:
Before you can even start converting your pack, all used graphic styles have to be present, including the ones that are contained in your level pack (and this includes any VGASpecs!). If even one of these styles is missing, then the NXPConverter will silently crash!
So what to do, if some style is missing?
- If it is one of standard styles released here on the forums (probably creates by someone else), then you cannot do anything at the moment. Please wait until an official conversion of the style is available, i.e. one that I post in this thread.
- If it is one specifically made for your pack, then convert the style yourself, see the graphic set conversion topic for instructions. However please make sure to rename your style to "special" and rename all of your pieces to "[nickname]_[piece name]". The reason for this is, that the "special" style is there to collect all single graphics that are not part of a big style, as we don't want to get thousands of almost empty style folders each containing a few VGASpecs. So the "special" style is a free-for-all folder, where we should try to avoid naming collisions, which is most easily done by adding nicknames to every piece.

3) Use the NXPConverter.exe:
If you are sure that you have all graphic styles, then drag your level pack file (the one ending with ".nxp") onto the file "NXPConverter.exe". Due to recent problems of Flopsy, I recommend first copying the pack file to the same folder where the converter is, and then dragging it from there onto the converter file.
This should start a console window and some general info should be displayed. Press enter here, and the conversion process will start. The console window will list all already converted levels while working. When it is finished, a success message should appear. Press enter again and the console window will close.
You will now find your converted level pack in the subfolder "levels" in a subsubfolder having the same name as your level pack.

4) Check whether all levels look correctly:
Although all style designers and I myself have been careful with the conversion process, some bugs might have been introduced in the translation tables. Usually this takes the form of one specific piece always being shifted by a few pixels or it being replaced by a completely different piece. In that case, please notify me of this bug and I will post a fix.
Depending on the severeness of the problem, it might be wise to wait for the fix and then reconvert the whole pack.

5) Check all levels with radiation, slowfreeze or anti-splat pad objects:
In the first two cases, you will probably have to modify the level in order to keep it solvable or backroute-free. In the case of anti-splat pads you just have to check that the updraft replacing this object works as intended.

6) Check for missing custom sprites:
The pack converter will handle the most frequent custom sprites automatically, including the logo and the rank sprites. But it most likely will not handle custom lemmings sprites. There is an easy way to fix this: Look whether the new pack toolkit already supports these custom sprites, and bug me if they are missing. ;P

7) Check talisman descriptions:
The new-formats version automatically creates the talisman descriptions for you, so you don't have to type in "Solve MadRank 42 with only 3 fencers". It still supports titles for talismans, in case you want to give them unique names like "Award bee!".
As the pack converter cannot distinguish between these two types of names, it will simply use the exiting description as a title, which may not be what you actually want. So better check this. Btw. it is totally fine to keep the title empty; the NeoLemmix player will then simply ignore this line.

8) Check music files:
As the new-formats now drops the support for music packs completely, all your music files have to be placed in the folder "music" and have to be in one of the supported music formats (.ogg, .mp3, .it and others). As with pieces in the style folder "special", this has the potential problem of multiple packs using different tunes of the same name. We should try to avoid this, so please use descirptive names! "Nepster_Final.ogg" is fine, "Beethoven_Symph7_2.mp3" is fine, but just "final.ogg" or "fire.mp3" are better to be avoided.

Conversion of single levels

While the NeoLemmix player and the NL Editor can still read old level files, this is only a good method if you have only a few levels to update.
If you have several dozens of levels (probably due to a yet unfinished pack), then I would suggest creating a pack with just one rank containing all your levels, using the old Flexi Toolkit. As this pack is just for conversion purposes, you won't have to set any of the other pack options. Then apply the conversion process as described above and you'll get all your levels in the proper new text-based file format.

NeoLemmix / Experimental NeoLemmix player - Pack conversion available!
« on: September 23, 2017, 03:54:48 pm »
New-Formats NeoLemmix Player - Experimenal Release

Download links:
Everything except styles:
NeoLemmix player: Todo...
Editor: Todo...
Pack Toolkit: Todo...
Graphic Set Tool: Todo...
Pack Converter: Todo...
Graphic Style Converter: Todo...

1) NeoLemmix player (version 11.15.20): The new-formats player. It can be used from now on, as the file formats are stable starting with this version. It is fully functional, except for the online options (and of course any bugs it might have certainly has). New features include:
- namida's level selection menu, that allows jumping between packs.
- Options and hotkeys can be changed on every page, even when playing a level. Press F3 for this.
- The level selection menu is available from every page, too. Press F2 for this.
- Hatch markers to show preassigned skills. The same appear when moving the cursor over zombies, or in clear-physics mode when moving over a usual lemming.
- Radiation, Slowfreeze and anti-splat pads removed from the game.
- Time limits are now displayed in red, instead of the usual green.
- Updated options menu with far less hardly used options.
- The hotkey for the talisman menu is now F4, no longer F6.
2) Various helper files: The new-formats version reads a lot of info from external files, which are included as well.
3) NL Editor (version 1.0): A new editor for new-formats NeoLemmix levels. Essentially the same as V0.10.
4) Pack Toolkit (version 1.0): A tool to create and modify level packs for the new-formats version. It offers not yet all the options the player supports, so if you are missing something, please tell me.
5) Graphic Style Tool (version 1.0): A tool to create and modify graphic styles in the new-formats version.
6) Pack Converter: A tool to convert your old level packs automatically and (almost) completely to the new-formats version. Please see the next post for more details.
7) Graphic Style Converter: A tool to convert your old graphic styles to the new-formats. For details, please see the conversion topic.

- Create a completely new directory and extract the file "" from the first download link into this new directory.
- Extract the file "" into the same folder. You should now find a subfolder called "styles" containing all currently available graphic styles for the new-formats. Warning: Due to the large number of files, extracting this zip file may take a while.

Further advise:
- If you want to retain your options from V11.13.XX, copy the file "NeoLemmix147Settings.ini" into the same folder, where the new NeoLemmix.exe is located. This has to be done before starting the NeoLemmix.exe for the first time!. If you then start NeoLemmix with this file present, then it will read the options from this file, and save it in the subfolder "settings". Afterwards you can again delete the file "NeoLemmix147Settings.ini".
- If you want to retain your hotkeys, do the same but with the file "NeoLemmixHotkeys.ini".
- I do not guarantee that previous new-formats versions (up to any version 11.14.19) will work correctly or are compatible in any way with any of the other tools. There have been a few slight changes to the file formats in the meantime.
- I strongly encourage to delete any previously downloaded new-formats styles. Even the styles you got from the general download in the graphic set conversion topic contained a few bugs, that I fixed now!

Level Packs / Re: [NeoLemmix] Casualemmings
« on: September 22, 2017, 07:19:44 pm »
This error occurs when the game tries to load the first terrain piece (with index 0) of the cattrap style, but this piece doesn't exist.
Try to load your level in the editor and click on "Tools->Validate Level" and if issues are listed, then click "Fix all". This should (hopefully) take care of the error.

Currently the castle style has the same fire blower and fire pit as the L1 fire style. However the trigger areas are subtly different:
Fire-blower in Castle: 69x10 pixels
Fire-blower in L1 Fire: 65x5 pixels
Fire pit in Castle: 28x8 pixels
Fire pit in L1 Fire: 28x7 pixels

As objects looking exactly the same should behave the same, the trigger areas of the three fire objects in the Castle style will be changed to match with the ones in L1 Fire for the new-formats version.
I don't think the fire pit change will break any levels, but the reduction of the trigger size for the fire-blower has a far bigger potential.
All level designers: Please double check your Castle levels when converting your levels!

Could you please check your attachment? It seems to be exactly the same level as the original one.

I am very happy with most of the second rank. Just three levels stood out as being too difficult and I wish they would be at the end of the rank: Just a Quicky, The run around and A spot of bother. I know that Nessy disagrees with my view on The run around and bsmith disagrees with my view on A spot of bother, so you probably shouldn't listen to my opinion here. ;P

On the other hand, I agree with bsmith that PoP YoR ToP!! is not such a strong rank opener. I would have suggested It's Lemmingentry Watson, but given Nessy's opinion on it, perhaps The Stack is a better choice?

I'm not sure what use the floater and blocker would ever be... Looks like bsmith's intended solution is to climb-bomb the first three pillars, then send a climber over to bridge the gap from the right. Unfortunately, this can only be enforced if there are only 4 climbers, which means the bridge has to be placed precisely so the lemming climbs the wall after finishing.

And I still feel it's not much of a puzzle, just a timed bombers levels with a small, pretty obvious twist.
Actually I don't think you can enforce this solution at all, unless you lock the RR at 60. Bunching up the lemmings using RR 99 always creates enough time to build over the last gap before the crowd arrives.

In Development / Re: [Lemmings 2] Quest From Kieran 2 {v26 17th Sep 2017}
« on: September 17, 2017, 09:33:54 pm »
Final chance to get some last-minute fixes done to the outdoor tribe before the race. :)

NeoLemmix / Re: NeoLemmix New Feature Poll - Vote Now!
« on: September 17, 2017, 06:39:46 pm »
Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

1) New skill: Shimmier (9 votes)
We already started discussing the mechanics. So it remains for me to work out the precise checks and then implement it. I will make a post once this is done, but before I actually start implementing anything.

16) New object: Exits that only permit a given number of lemmings (9 votes)
Here the main remaining issue to be discussed is the graphics. Wafflem already proposed a sign for it, but I prefer something slightly less glaring. At the moment I am thinking about using the locking animation of locked exits, but in the reverse direction.
Depending on what we choose here, I might even have to implement the idling animations (point 9 in the poll) first.

2) New skill: Jumper (7 votes)
Given that I have already the Shimmier on my list and the various critical voices regarding the jumper animation without tumbling, don't expect this any time soon. Ask me again once the shimmier is implemented and has seen about 2 months of usage to find and fix glitches.

3) New object: Multi-use pick-up skills (5 votes)
This shouldn't be too much work, especially compared to the three items above.

21) Editor: Grouping of terrain pieces (5 votes)
I will definitely implement this at some point, simply because I like this feature so much. So don't be surprised if it is available even before some of the more-voted items got added.

Everything else has at the moment low priority for me. So don't expect them within the next half year.

Level Packs / Re: [NeoLemmix] Lemmings Migration
« on: September 17, 2017, 06:01:48 pm »
Attached new replays for the level, where the update broke the old one. A lot of the solutions that previously looked very backroutish now have a good chance to be (close) to intended. Still I have a few special comments:
Never getting back together: I still consider this harder than most of Headache.
The Abandoned Sanctuary: I liked the old version better. Basically the same solution still works, but getting the two climbers where they have to be now takes a rather hackish trick.
We're coming home: This now feels a lot more like a standard solution, than the one I found in the first version.
Firework Chamber: The beginning is pretty precise on timing the lemmings from the left-most three hatches. Getting this right required a lot of fiddling around. The first version was better in that regard.

PS: At first I read "Pointless" instead of "Painless" for the rank name ;P

Level Design / Re: My thoughts on the Lemmings 2 skills
« on: September 16, 2017, 08:14:37 pm »
Excellent post! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
I am a bit surprised how low the Sand Pourer and especially the Jumper rank. But probably the Shimmier stole the show of the Jumper...

NeoLemmix / Re: Stop NeoLemmix from repeating previous moves?
« on: September 16, 2017, 02:57:34 pm »
Sorry, but there is no way to prevent the game from trying to replay your actions after you nuked and restarted the level. But as namida mentioned simply clicking anywhere before the first action was done cancels the replaying mode. This was introduced, because quite often one actually wants the first few actions to be replayed. Moreover cancelling a replay is far easier (to code and to teach the user about its existance) than not replaying anything until the user presses some hotkey or button.
Note that the instant restart button namida mentiones does trigger the replaying mode, too. So this is only a shortcut, if you don't want to see the nuking animation, but doesn't help with your actual problem.

The best solution I can offer you at the moment is the following: Check the option "Don't Replay after Backwards Frameskip" in the options menu, and then create a hotkey with the function "Time Skip" and the duration "-100 000" (available in Options->Interface->Configure Hotkeys). Then pressing this button will restart the level without replaying anything.
Disadvantages are that you have to trigger this via the selected hotkey and not via the nuking button, you won't see the preview screen in-between and you don't get the nuking animation.

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